8 Scary Ghost Stories That Will Keep You Up At Night
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I Asked 8 People To Share Their Ghostly Encounters And It Actually Gave Me Goosebumps

From Hawaiian superstitions to doors being slammed at haunted locations, some of these experiences are pretty eerie.

I Asked 8 People To Share Their Ghostly Encounters And It Actually Gave Me Goosebumps

The other night, I was jolted awake because I heard something crash and fall in my room. The room was dimly lit from my night light, so I couldn't really see what might have fallen, especially since everything looked the same, untouched. The uneasiness I got from the startling crashing sound was more than enough for me to throw my blankets off, run out of my room, and pound my fist on my sister's door to see if she was awake and heard the noise too.

Initially, I thought that this experience was something paranormal because 1) there wasn't an explanation for the sound, 2) it was three in the morning (a notorious time in any paranormal horror film for things to go bump in the night), and 3) I'm no stranger to knowing about these experiences because my mom experiences them firsthand. However, I was able to debunk my suspicions in the morning and found that one of my picture frames had fallen, so I decided to blame my fear on all the scary thread readings I had done the previous day which had resulted in me psyching myself out.

Despite this being one of my "scaredy cat" moments, it gave me an idea to ask others about their own spooky experiences and some of what they had to say really makes me glad that I hadn't experienced anything they described.

1. Ill Tidings Of The Night Marchers


"When I was a kid, about nine years old, I got really sick and went to the doctor multiple times. They couldn't figure out what was wrong. Someone asked if our home had been blessed. We had it blessed by a Japanese priest but not a Hawaiian one. My dad had Uncle Kalua come to our house and he fully blessed our house. I shit you not, I was back in school two days later after missing almost 2 weeks. Apparently, our house by the cane fields was near a night marcher path. Not super crazy spooky but something I vividly remember."


2. White Lady Hitchhiker


"I had an experience with White Lady going through the tunnel at midnight. The car died in the tunnel, we rolled it outside the tunnel and started the car and it started up no problem. I was in the front seat and my friend was driving. There was another guy sleeping in the back seat. When my friend started driving, he saw in the rear view mirror White Lady sitting next to our sleeping friend. We were scared but kept driving and she cruised with us until we drove right before Maalaea. I mentioned it to one of my coworkers the next day and he said the same thing would happen to him when he drove home from work and went through the tunnel at midnight. She was ghostly looking and had no eyeballs. It was effing creepy."


3. Monkey Business At The Lava Tubes


"One summer, some friends and I decided to go to the lava tubes at midnight for fun. We got there, had fun, and reached the end. On the way out of the lava tubes, the weirdest stuff happened. As we were walking back out of the cave, in the center of the path was a bottle of sky vodka. We didn't see that walking in so we were confused. The rest of the walk out was okay until we got to the exit. There was complete silence. Usually, you can hear some noises but this time there were none. When we finally got back to the car I turned on some music to help lighten the mood and started our trip back to the road. This is where we saw the weirdest thing. A giant grey monkey-like thing was on the side of the road eating some kind of small animal. As we approached it in the car, I slowed down a little so to not startle it. Once we got close, it didn't notice us until we were right on it. It then tried to reach for the car. Instinctively, I just slammed my foot on the gas and drove to Flagstaff as fast as I could. It was a weird night."


4. Unexpected Play-date


"We were playing on the rood of an abandoned building at a park. Period. Yeah, I know but it's what we did when I grew up. All of a sudden, my brother told me and my cousins to jump off the roof on the side of the building by the hill... And I wouldn't do it because I thought I was gonna break my leg. My brother kept telling me to hurry up and jump. He jumps first, then my cousin jumped, and I just stood there frozen. I couldn't understand why he wanted me to jump, I was ten years old and it was scary. Finally, he yelled turn around and I looked and there was something white, scary, wearing a torn white flowing dress and she was coming right at me. Needless to say, I jumped and we ran like hell."


5. Haunted House Gone Wrong


"I went to high school in Alabama and my school was very old (built in 1939). During the Cold War, they built a basement as a potential fallout shelter in case of an attack. Now that the war is over, the ROTC room is housed in that basement. Anyways, there's lots of rumors surrounding the hauntedness of my high school. Numerous deaths and suicides were confirmed. Because of the rumors, the senior class of 2016 decided to put on a "haunted house" in October before Halloween. The drama club acted out different scary scenes throughout the school while students were guided on a tour. One of the stops on the tour was the girl's locker room. In the 1950's, a basketball girl saw her boyfriend cheating on her in the stands and cut herself and eventually killed herself in the shower before writing the letter "S" in blood on the wall. It is actually still there and visible despite how much bleach the janitors clean the wall with. During the tour, we went down to the ROTC room. There's a statue in there that you cannot touch or you'll allegedly get cursed but I'm not sure about the legitimacy of that. However, as we were down there, the glass on the door shattered for no reason and we all freaked out and ran because that was definitely not planned."


6. Spooky Apparition Abroad 


"It was my last night in Poland around like eleven o'clock at night and Paulina and I stayed in the attic because there was an actual room up there that goes out to the balcony. We had to get up for our flight at three in the morning so we decided to just stay up because sleeping was kind of pointless. Now, at this point, I had taken my contacts out but I could still see shapes and people from a far distance. I was sitting on the lounge chair next to the glass door that went out to the balcony and I looked out because I saw a large white thing chilling by the big tree right next to the fence. I tried squinting to figure out what it was but it wasn't moving for a while so I ignored it, but it kinda bugged me so I looked back about a few seconds later and all I can remember is it drifting towards the front porch of the house and Paulina and I freaking out and going straight to sleep."


7. Spooks On The Queen Mary


"A few years ago, my family and I thought it would be fun to explore the Queen Mary while we were in Long Beach, California. The Queen Mary is supposed to be this haunted cruise ship that used to sail across the sea but is now permanently docked on the coast of Long Beach near the Long Beach Cruise Terminal. There have been several accounts of paranormal activity on the ship: in the guest rooms, the pool room, and more. The ship documented at least forty-nine deaths on board, and it is said that their spirits still lurk around. Anyways, the boat has various haunted tours and allow visitors to stay overnight in the most "haunted" rooms. Since we were only there for the afternoon, we decided to just explore the ship and go on one of the haunted tours for giggles. Nothing happened on that tour aside from what was staged, however, after the tour when we were walking down the hallway with all the rooms, I remember hearing a loud slam from a forcefully closed door. I wasn't too scared, but I was very curious about what may have caused the sound. Was it a ghost? My mom and I decided to walk down to where we thought the slam came from and noticed an employee take an interest in us. I asked him if he heard the door slam, and he nodded, but quickly followed up with "It was probably the air conditioner kicking on" and explained how it blows enough air to close a door. I would have believed him, except that there was a flaw in his statement. After he had carried on with his duties, my mom and I experimented and opened and closed one of the room doors. It was pretty heavy, so there was really no way that an air conditioner kicking on could provide enough force to slam it the way we had heard it slam. My guess is that it was one of the spirits on board and that the employee didn't want to scare us."


8. Summer Camp Haunting


"I think it was the summer of 2013. I had gotten a job with this summer camp in California for Boy Scouts and taught them their merit badges and what not. The year was going pretty smoothly and we were in the middle half of our season. The best part about working at this place was the fireworks from Sea World every night. This week, however, would be different because the Fourth of July fell on the weekend. Anybody that's stayed in California during the fourth knows about the big barge bash. This consists of huge barges just off the shore full of fireworks that all go off at the same time at every beach in California. I remember I was out in the lifeguard tower near our beach to watch the fireworks with all my coworkers.

We were all so excited, the barrage of fireworks and the boom was something we lived for. 8:30 pm rolls around and just as scheduled the fireworks went off. We watched in pure awe. Seconds later a scout runs up to us in panic. We thought maybe he was scared of fireworks but through conversation and calming him down we figured out something terrible had happened. We ran to his campsite and laying in the middle of the site near the campfire was a child no older than twelve years old shot in the chest. One of us ran to get the defibrillators and another for the first aid kit while one called 911 and the other applied pressure and administered first aid. It was madness all over the cover of the loud booming fireworks. It was as near that of a war zone, something that fifteen through seventeen-year-olds could get to experience.

The faces of panic, the father crying begging his son to hold on. It was pure chaos. A few seconds later the child passed away in my friend's arms. Nothing could've prepared us for this, or what comes after in the following years. The 2014 season came around and even through the trauma of last season, I decided to attend again. Through the weeks, I experienced both paranormal and sinister things. The first experience of a ghost was when in the late night I went to our kitchen for some type of available sustenance. Near our lodging area was the arts and crafts table. On the table was a radio/alarm. In passing the table I felt chills down my spine and the radio turns on instantly. As I go to turn off the radio the chills get more intense.

I turned off the radio and thought nothing of it. As I was walking away I heard the radio turn on again. I turned it off once more. This occurred two more times before I took out the batteries and finally walked away completely. Later in the following weeks many people would have reports of the same sort of experience I had. I never told anybody about my experience so I found it odd that we had similar experiences. I asked around if there may be a ghost on camp and sure enough they bring up the child that was shot and killed on camp just last year. It made sense because the next day was the third of July, and during normal operations, a very typical day we heard what seemed to be a gunshot. We all ran to where we heard the shot and carried with us the first aid kit and what not. We ended up in the same campsite the child was killed.

Subsequently the troop that occupied that spot was the same troop from last year. Shaken up and worried we tried to piece together what may have happened. No scouts said the set off any M-80's which would have been the logical conclusion. The troop masters didn't have any answers either. Maybe we were just shaken up but who knows. In the last few weeks of camp my friends were waking up with scratches down their backs, waking up deathly sick, or smelling like rotten meat. During the last week, we had the grounds salted by a Catholic sister. Many of the scratched were blessed in a ceremony of sorts. After that none of our friends woke up or reported of anything odd, however the campsites were still at large for this ghost. And reports of weird or paranormal situations would be reported. This still continues on camp to this day."


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