Say Paige Shoemaker's Name
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Say Paige Shoemaker's Name

Expose her. Educate her. End her.

Say Paige Shoemaker's Name

On September 15, 2016, Paige Shoemaker, a student at Kansas State University was exposed for her use of black face, expressing how good it felt to be an n-word on the social media platform, Snapchat. A student also from K-State by the name of Desmund Weathers (@JustDesmund) tweeted the photo with the caption of "Welcome to Kansas State University. Where Breakfast in the morning is some K-State Family with a side of Racism." The photo and tweet since then have gone viral and the university has acknowledged them and have claimed to be taking action.

Oh, Paige Shoemaker you poor soul. Where do I even begin to discuss the issue with your ignorant use of social media and the most disrespectful word in American history. You deserve every bit of this backlash and more. You probably thought your little story would only be seen by your friends and it was all fun and games, but now that it has gone viral there are consequences you should face and lessons I hope you learn.

Paige I know there has been a time in your life where you have heard someone say that the n-word isn't a word that should be used. Unfortunately, due to biased history classes that are taught to teach only the European side of things, you just might not understand the history of black face and the disrespect and derogatory meaning behind it. However, I'm sick of people using ignorance and lack of racial awareness to defend racists.

Paige Shoemaker what you did was a racist act. What you intended to be funny was rude, hurtful, and absolutely disgusting. I don't find it cute or comical in any sense and I hope from this day on you understand the power of social media. Unfortunately yes, your actions do reflect your University and I hope they do not tolerate it, but considering Kansas State University has twenty-five thousand students and a mere eight hundred are Black, my hopefulness is weakened.

Paige, you are a bad representation of K-State. A bad representation for your ex-sorority. Another bad representation of white people and as a Kansas native, you are a bad representation of Kansas. As for K-State do not just send a letter out as protocol, expressing your acknowledgment of the act. Do something about it. Do something to show your three percent of Black students that you care about them and their feeling of safety on your campus.

Paige Shoemaker, I will continue to repeat your name because I want people to know who you are. I want people to know that being racist is not cute. I want people to know being racist will not be tolerated. I want people to know that things like this are the reason Kaepernick is protesting. It's the reason Black Lives Matter is a movement. It's the reason Black Student Union's at PWI's are so important.

It is because of you Paige and other people who think like you, students don't feel safe at school. Students don't feel comfortable in their skin. Students don't feel proud of their culture. Students of which are my friends, whom I personally know and have expressed their outrage.

If you know people like Paige Shoemaker, do not continue to tolerate their hate. Do not use their ignorance to defend their racially motivated actions. Expose them. Educate them. End them and if you're K-State, then expel them.

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