Say I Love You With a Sapphire Eternity Band
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Say I Love You With a Sapphire Eternity Band

It's hard to pinpoint the elements of the perfect romantic gift. Is it just a matter of money? A high price tag doesn't always indicate quality or meaning.

Say I Love You With a Sapphire Eternity Band


It's hard to pinpoint the elements of the perfect romantic gift. Is it just a matter of money? A high price tag doesn't always indicate quality or meaning.

The same rules apply to construction and design. There is certainly such thing as too much detail or avant-garde ideas that stray far from the norm. On the other hand, a dash of originality makes a gift unique and memorable, especially in regard to jewelry.

Ultimately, giving the perfect gift comes down to a "know-it-when-you-see-it" reaction that can't be contrived. That's what you get with an eternity band ring, a classic and versatile piece that says everything you want to say.

Here's why an eternity band should be on your shortlist for romantic gestures, and how to find the best offerings right now.

What is an Eternity Band?

There may not be a single definition of an eternity band, but the format is recognizable to anyone familiar with basic rings and bracelets.

The defining feature of an eternity band is gems, more specifically, diamonds. A band can earn the "eternity" label, however, simply by staying true to the design of 360-degree coverage around the perimeter of the piece. This showcases the endless, eternal nature of the ring itself.

If a ring has gems looping around in a way that looks the same from every angle, it can safely be categorized as an eternity band. We'll discuss a few of the many variations later on.

While most eternity bands are given on an anniversary of a wedding, there are no strict rules to romance. Give an eternity band anytime, for any reason, and make a powerful statement with a simple gesture.

Why Eternity Bands are a Great Gift

When you give an eternity band, it's not just another gift that looks nice - it's one that tells a story and adds meaning to your relationship at any stage.

But that story is yours to write, and no one else can do it for you! Depending on the design you choose, the context of the gift, and of course, how you present it, an eternity ring takes on a distinct meaning that stands the test of time for you and your partner.

Besides, eternity bands don't need to be overloaded with pricey diamonds or made from solid platinum to get the point across. The unique look and feel of a piece is the difference maker here, so don't get caught up in prices and hype when seeking out a ring.

The Top Eternity Band Ring Types

We know that eternity rings can take on many forms, but what are the most popular and effective variations in this broad category?

For starters, you can sort eternity rings by gem pattern and size. French Pave and Scallop gem placements are always in vogue, delivering mid-size circular gems in an even pattern that appeals to nearly everyone.

Other styles get more specialized, such as Prong and Bezel eternity rings that showcase individual gems more distinctly. Then you've got Flush ring types with smaller gems embedded into a more classic wedding band style ring.

While most eternity rings come in a predictable color scheme of silver and white, you can also venture into colorful territory with multicolor gems that contrast well with a white or rose gold band. That's the beauty of this sapphire eternity band ring, which goes above and beyond the typical formula.

Key Factors - Quality, Originality, and More

When you realize that eternity band rings are such a powerful gift, your next goal is to pick the one that speaks to you.

Quality is always the key when buying jewelry of all kinds, but it's even more vital for a daily-wear item like an eternity ring. Authentic gold alloy at 14k or higher should be your priority.

From there, gem types and settings are mostly a matter of preference. You should always be aware of what you're buying, however, so you can explain to your loved one the meaning behind the gems. Sapphires make for an excellent multi-colored gem option that can be interspersed with white diamonds as well.

Finally, remember that eternity rings look best when stacked and matched with other rings in your partner's repertoire. Be aware of what they wear daily and try to find a ring that fits in with the rest.

Rings of varying width make for unusual and interesting combos, so don't hesitate to venture out of the usual shape, as long as the size is correct.

An eternity ring holds a lot of significance in terms of landmarking a relationship and cementing the connection you've built over years. Use this opportunity to give a unique eternity ring that your partner will want to show off every day and hold close to their heart.

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