This is why you should throw out the stuff your ex got you

Out of all the friends I have, (and yes, I can count them on only one hand) not ONE of them doesn't have leftover shit from their ex. And I call it left over shit because it is stuff we do not need anymore.

Something my grandma would call a "tchotchke," or an item which has absolutely no value, it just kind of is there.

Let's go digging. Yes, you know you have that secret drawer no one would dare to open.

It has all of your letters, jewelry, pictures, and weird sentimental items your past boyfriends have given you. The real question is, why do you still have all of this stuff sitting there, all alone? It belongs in the garbage.

It can be hard to throw these things away, I get it. You don't want to lose the memories and forget about the good times. But sweetie, the good times are gone. The past is the past, and we do not need to hold onto that energy and keep those items in our house anymore.

My friends are all so dear to me, and I literally could not picture my life without them. It is crazy how I have come to a part in my life where (it's sad I know) I can finally say I genuinely love and appreciate every single person in my life.

Bye, bye boys!

Getting slightly personal...I had thrown out so much stuff from a past relationship. I didn't need it. It doesn't hold any significant value in my life.

Free yourself. Let yourself release all of the emotions, energy, and (bad) memory associated with this person(s).

Imagine experiencing a huge weight lifted off your shoulder? You have accepted your past, forgiven those ex's, and moved on to create a better present.

Poop emojis are amazing

To my reader, if you have been experiencing these similar feelings and burdens, free yourself, let it go. We are here on Earth and it is expected that things are not going to go our way here and there. Why are you going to hold onto those bad juju?

Let it go.

If you need any help or request any personal advice please contact me. We should not be afraid of our pasts. We should be able to use our experiences to help others.

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