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Now that the New Years is here and Winter Break has come to it's inevitable end, it's time to start considering your goals for this upcoming semester. Whether you're looking to land the enriching experience of that dream internship abroad, get a job to help you alleviate some of the seemingly unavoidable debt that comes with higher education, or just trying to make it through this semester alive, there are resources available to help you achieve these goals and make this the best semester so far.

Take a look at these five FREE apps that will make all the difference in having a positive, productive and promising Spring 2016.

1. Super Notes: Recorder, Note, Memos, Photos. Notebook plus Notepad. free. by Fitness22 LTD

It's 2016 and having the teacher repeat the same point, or return to the previous slide is just not with the times! Super Notes is a useful app that allows you to record lectures and capture every word you might have missed. Some of the unique features it includes are color coded notes, photos, a search feature and the ability to email your notes to your colleagues who may have missed out on important information. Can't wait to get started? Check out this FREE app here.

2. Genius Scan - PDF Scanner by The Grizzly Labs

This one is for anyone who has been in sticky situations of having to scan an important document to their computer without an expensive and bulky scanner in their room. Genius Scan is a helpful app that allows you to take high-quality photos of your documents that save as PDF files so you can send them straight to your email! No more having to worry about getting that application in on time, Genius Scan is quick, easy to use and FREE! Here's where you can download it:

Genius Scan (iOS) / Genius Scan (Android)

3. Google Wallet - by Google, Inc.

We've all been in the situation where you may want to order an online ticket for convenience, or send and receive funds from your folks who want to make sure that you're taken care of. Google Wallet is a great app that offers you a secure way to keep track of your "accounts receivables." Some of the features in Google Wallet include sending funds through the app or via email, a split expense feature that allows you to break down checks amongst your friends and a cash-out feature to quickly cash out to your debit card or bank account. Try out Google Wallet in the provided links below!

Google Wallet (iOS) / Google Wallet (Android)

4. HabitBull - Habit Tracker - Motivation and Reminder by Oristats Ltd

The best way to get rid of a bad habit is not focusing your energy on quitting, but focusing your energy on building better ones! HabitBull is an interactive app that helps you do just that. Keep up the momentum of refining yourself over this New Year with this helpful app that lets you set new habits, keep track of your progress and have results to show off! This is great app for those who are trying to work-out more, remember to call Grandma, pick up better studying skills or just trying to cut out bad habits all together. Download this FREE App and start tracking today!

HabitBull (iOS) / HabitBull (Android)

5. LiveMixtapes by LMT Radio

Never miss a beat with this clean entertainment app from Live Mixtape Radio! This app keeps all of the latest music we love in one spot, with some of the hottest hits in the industry! Some of the features included on this app include a live news feed, mixtape countdowns and a full fledged search function with a library full of music to help you pass the time! For more information on the app, check out the download link below!

LiveMixtapes (iOS) / LiveMixtapes (Android)

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