Please Keep Recycling, But Do These 6 Things Too
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Please Keep Recycling, But Do These 6 Things Too

Feel helpless in the reversal of climate change? Here's how you can help.

Please Keep Recycling, But Do These 6 Things Too

In order to reduce the degree to which the climate is warming, there are small life changes we can all integrate into our daily lives to show Mother Nature we care.

1. Make the switch to sustainable products.

I can't blame you for thinking that your sustainable products won't do anything to reverse climate change. Reusable straws? Canvas bags? Please, that won't do anything. I get that "feedback" often, but it's just not true or optimistic. If the globe is ever going to stay alive, these are the changes were all going to need to make, so you may as well start now!

2. Sign petitions.

If you're not of age to vote for those that support actions towards climate reform, you can always sign petitions, like this one.

3. Use up your old products before replacing them.

If you're ready to make the switch to less wasteful products, that's amazing! The Earth will show its gratitude; however, use up the entire shampoo bottle before getting a shampoo bar instead of just throwing it away. Don't create waste in the quest to reduce your waste.

4. Visit federal parks and leave the land better than you found it.

If the government sees that more people are visiting and protecting sacred nature spaces, they may make more of an effort to preserve more land to come. Pick up a piece of litter on your way out or alert a ranger if you find something that can endanger a species.

5. Seriously, stop driving so much.

If you're just going to the gas station quickly for some snacks, walk! Stop putting unnecessary pollutants in the air and save some gas money while you're at it.

6. Listen.

There are people who have dedicated their lives and careers to conservation research and improvement efforts. When they tell you what you need to do to save the planet, DO IT. I recommend the documentary Ice on Fire for some hopeful reassurance.

I know that the future is looking gloomy. Don't accept our fate, keep trying to save the only Earth we'll ever get!

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