We all know one of the biggest financial burdens for college students is paying for those pesky textbooks. For some, it takes months of working that summer or winter break job to pay for all of the books you need plus school supplies, parking passes, food, rent, and the list GOES ON. Today, I'll give you 3 tips for a more affordable textbook!

1. Email the Professor and Ask About an Older Edition Text

For a lot of textbooks, newer editions may only have a few small edits or a couple of chapters moved around. It may take more effort to follow along during class or with assignments, but this will save you a good chunk of change!

2. Order a Foreign Published Edition or the Teachers Edition

Again, this will save you a BUNCH! Most of these alternative editions are VERBATIM THE SAME BOOK. However, make sure you check the description of the book before ordering.

3. Just wait a week, you might not even need that stupid ream of paper.

This may be a harder option for type-A people or those who like to come prepared, but WAIT! Wait until your first class and ask if you REEEEAAAALLLY need the book. If there's a way to get around buying it, get around it! Save that money. We're giving our universities enough cash anyway.