10 Reasons Cole And Savannah LaBrant Are Literal Couple Goals
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10 Reasons Cole And Savannah LaBrant Are Literal Couple Goals

They make me better than I ever was before.

10 Reasons Cole And Savannah LaBrant Are Literal Couple Goals

I will admit when "vlogging" first started becoming an actual profession, I was not impressed by the idea of people attempting to make a career by uploading random moments of their lives on Youtube in hopes people found them interesting enough. Especially when the Splenda sweet couple, Cole & Sav, exploded in popularity.

100 videos later, I cannot stop watching them and await every new upload.

What is it that stands this couple apart from all the other YouTube couples trying to make it big besides their obvious extremely attractive looks? For starters...

1. Their video compilations

Cole got his big break being 1/3 of the vine famous DEM WHITE BOYZ while Savannah started out making videos with her daughter on the app Musical.ly. This gave us a glimpse into their own personalities and then once they started dating, we began to see their chemistry blossom with every new upload.

2. Everleigh

Everleigh is Savannah's five-year-old daughter who also stars in all the couple's videos along with her side channel that features her own antics. This adorable little girl has everyone falling in love with her big blue eyes and bubbly personality.

3. Their entire backstory

Everleigh is not actually Cole's child. She is the result of Savannah's previous relationship that resulted in her getting pregnant at 19. Savannah endured a toxic relationship with Everleigh's father, which she goes into detail in a vlog, before finding the strength to get out. She had sworn off love until she met and fell in love with her now husband, Cole.

Now, Cole goes above and beyond to step in as a father figure for Eveleigh. So much so that if you are a new viewer, chances are you have no idea the two are not biologically related.

4. How they handled an LDR

They met attempting to do a video collaboration and never expected to end up here, especially since she lived in California and he still lived in his native Alabama. Despite the distance, they made it work. Whether it was flying back and forth, surprising each other at each other's doorsteps 'just because', or bonding because of their mutual viewers they were determined to make it work until they were able to finally live in the same state.

5. They put Jesus first, always

One their defining characteristics is the couple's strong Christian faith. Cole grew up a devout Christian, Savannah frequently describes how she refound her faith once she left her toxic relationship, and the couple famously was very open about the fact that they waited until marriage.

Their vlogs even frequently show the family praying. In another vlog, Cole elaborates how they believe their relationship works because they put Jesus before everything. How praying together, being open with each other, and worshipping together ultimately made them closer and strengthened their intimacy.

6.Their wedding video is an absolute MASTERPIECE

At 21 million views, it is by far their most watched video on their channel. I myself have watched it at least 20 times.

7. Also, their honeymoon looked just as amazing

8. Their song is "Yours" by Russel Dickerson

They single-handedly repopularized this song. It was in the background of a few of their videos, their proposal video, and it was the first dance at their wedding so it is impossible to separate the two. With its sweet lyrics, it just adds to their appeal that it plays in the back of your mind when you see them.

9. Their vlogging is actually super relatable

Their videos are not the average scripted ordeals that are all over youtube, they capture everything from their proposal, dating advice videos, make-up tutorials, Q&A videos, to their famous wedding video. Everything is raw, unscripted, and show off their individual family aesthetic.

10. Literally, just look how photogenic they are

Like come on, how are they not the definition of #couplegoals

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