Top 10 Santana Lopez Performances On 'Glee' That MADE The Show
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Top 10 Santana Lopez Performances On 'Glee' That MADE The Show

In honor of Naya Rivera's passing, I compiled a list of her best performances as Santana Lopez as "Glee".

Top 10 Santana Lopez Performances On 'Glee' That MADE The Show

Hearing about the tragic passing of the beloved actress, singer, and model Naya Rivera was tragic to say the least. "Glee" was a huge part of my life, Santana being one of my favorite characters, so it was shocking to hear the news.

To celebrate her run on "Glee", lets count down her top 10 performances.

10. "Don't Rain On My Parade"

This performance is hands down iconic, just to see the look on Rachel Berry's face when Santana walks on singing the song she is known for. Rivera's vocals were stellar, putting a modern twist on this Broadway show-stopper. She definitely did it justice.

9. "At the Ballet"

From "A Chorus Line", this performance showcases Santana's acting ability and develops her more as a character. It is sung beautifully and explores Rivera's range.

8. "Landslide"

I am a hardcore Brittana fan, and this song brings out all the feels. Seeing Santana truly express herself for the first time with the help of Holly Holliday and Brittany was a touching moment. Her exploration of her sexuality was one of my favorite plotlines during the entire series, and this was a pivotal moment in that.

7. "Girl on Fire"

This classic suits Rivera's voice so well and she sang it flawlessly. Rivera was truly a girl on fire with her numerous accomplishments, and this song was truly fitting for her.

6. "River Deep/Mountain High"

This duet with Santana and Mercedes is honestly one of the best duets in Glee history. The girls showed the entirety of New Directions who's in charge. Rivera's vocals add a new life to this song, with her embodying Tina Turner's essence.

5. "Someone Like You/Rumor Has It"

This Trouble Tones performance is hands-down one of the best in the entire show. Santana was the true star of this performance, her vocals shining and bringing a unique spin to these classics.

4. "Mine"

GLEE - Mine (Full Performance) HD

Back to the Brittana feels. I sobbed during this performance because of the emotion that was conveyed between the two lovers. This was a beautiful, beautiful performance, and I still shed a couple of tears when I watch it back. #BrittanaForLife.

3. "Smooth Criminal"

I have no words to describe how good this performance was. The tension and heat between Sebastian and Santana is so strong that you can feel it through the screen, which makes watching it even more exciting. I wish that these two could've had more scenes together because I loved their chemistry. They took this iconic Michael Jackson song and turned it into a hot duel.

2. "Valerie"

This song was MADE for Rivera to sing. She captures the energy, the charisma, and the vocal prowess of Amy Winehouse perfectly. This performance is honestly amazing and shows how versatile and what a powerhouse Rivera is.

1. "If I Die Young"

I can't sit through this emotional ballad without going through a whole box of tissues. Sung in honor of co-star Cory Monteith's passing, who knew this song would be telling of Rivera's own sudden death.

It pains me to listen to it back because it reminds me of what a talent we lost. Nonetheless, her vocal delivery is top-of-the-line and the audience can truly feel the emotions Santana is going through.

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