Sandro: The Husband
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Sandro: The Husband

To laugh or not to laugh, that is the question.

Sandro: The Husband

Meet Sandro:

"Love has flown, all alone, I sit
I wonder why yi-yi-yi,
Oh why
You left me,
Oh Sandy
Sandy, Sandy
Why yi-yi-yi"

-John Trevolta, Grease, 1978

I sing that song every time I see him. Sandro is a Swiss-German graduate student at CBS that smiles once every two years or so. He is the dad of the dorm, the beer connoisseur, the sassiest bearded man I've met. Sandro is....well, he is Sandro. He is cool, calm and collective to the extreme. Making Sandro laugh is a privilege, you can ask anyone at Holger. The first time any of us made Sandro laugh we got all giggly and proud.

Notice how in the picture we're standing next to a Lego family? Well, this is the story of an American girl that met a Swiss guy and wanted to run away from her politically scandalous country. How would she do that, you ask? It's simple, I am marrying Sandro (not really, just in case you need clarification). We were walking home one night and we started comparing countries, and though my loyalty will always be with the USofA, Switzerland does not have Doland Trump. In that moment of midnight, kebabs becoming a Swiss citizen sounded like a great plan in case of mayhem back home. We came up with a verbal agreement that changes every week and decided we'd marry each other.

Though this is an entertaining story, my favorite story is a recent one. CBS, the school we are enrolled in, prepared a Denmark tour for us to enjoy. As part of the Denmark tour we were, of course, taken to Lego Land (because Legos are Danish). Now Sandro is this tall, quiet, sarcastic SOB. Out of everyone at Holger, he would have been the last person I would've pinned as afraid of rollercoasters. So I love rollercoaster and I call dibs on sitting with Sandro, and it was sooooooo amazing. Hearing Sandro laugh and scream was hilarious. I mean, it is the most expression I've seen on his face, it was so priceless. Man oh man, I love you Sandy! Thanks for laughing at one of my jokes that one time, I'll never forget it.

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