Dear CNN, Nick Sandmann's RNC Speech Just Exposed You For What You Truly Are: Fake News
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Dear CNN, Nick Sandmann's RNC Speech Just Exposed You For What You Truly Are: Fake News

Nice try CNN, but you will never be able to truly silence the views of the American people.

Dear CNN, Nick Sandmann's RNC Speech Just Exposed You For What You Truly Are: Fake News

It was a wonderful moment of sweet revenge to see Nick Sandmann's face being aired on CNN last night during the Republican National Convention.

Don't remember who Sandmann was? He was the Covington Catholic High School student whose name and reputation was viciously slandered back in 2019 by the media after attending the March for Life. This teenager received hate and death threats from people all across the country for doing absolutely nothing wrong. The left portrayed him as a bully and a bigot because he was wearing a Make America Great Again hat and as an aggressor who was harassing and taunting Nathan Phillips, a Native American political activist who was present at the event. Instead of doing any sort of real journalism, the media decided to write what they wanted people to know which was that a boy who supports Trump was harassing a Native American man.

And of course, the truth eventually came out and their whole story was bogus.

Over the last year and a half, Sandmann has been filing lawsuits against media outlets that dragged his name through the mud potentially destroying the rest of his life.

Revenge is sweet though. Last night was the second night of the RNC and Sandmann had the opportunity to give a speech. Since CNN is so used to showing fake news, I'm sure it made their blood boil to have to air anything pro-Trump, pro-America or just real news for once.

It gets even better.

Sandmann's speech started off by describing that one day at the Lincoln Memorial that changed his entire life. He called out the media for their lack of effort to find out the truth and their constant ability to change the narrative that matches only their foolish views.

He exposed the media for what they truly are which is fake. What a powerful moment it must have been for Sandmann himself to be able to call out the media while the media he is calling out has to air it to their millions of viewers.

Here are some highlights of Sandmann's speech where he points out the clear lack of accountability held on the media:

We are with you, Sandmann, in hoping that one day soon the media will start to do its job of reporting the truth and not creating news.

They constantly alter a story to go along with their never-ending narrative that Donald Trump is evil along with the Republican Party and that anyone who supports him is racist, a bully, and just a downright awful person.

I think CNN and the rest of the media are just projecting their own qualities onto conservatives because the only bullies and evil people here are the media outlets themselves.

While people like Joe Lockhart, a CNN political analyst, are calling Sandmann a "snot nosed entitled kid from Kentucky," I view Sandmann as a survivor of cancel culture who only wants the truth to be exposed and for the media outlets to change their ways. If Lockhart thinks that it was wrong for a teenager to sue for millions of dollars because his whole reputation was defamed, then that is Lockhart's own personal problems. He's probably just jealous that Sandmann has made more money from his CNN lawsuit than he has made working there.

It's not entitlement to ask that the media not spread lies about you. It's not a hard concept to grasp, Lockhart, but then again, it just goes to show exactly why you work for CNN.

Thank you Sandmann for exposing the media for being nothing but liars and proving to the world how CNN and the members of the left will never be able to silence the views of the American people.

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