The Same Old JE-- Maybe Not...

There is no arguing that the last 3 weeks have been torture for Jets fans. A season with so much hope, excitement and expectation has gotten off to the worst possible start imaginable. Fluky injuries, blown leads and straight blow outs. The last 2 weeks it has looked like the Jets do not even have a pulse, yet alone a chance to win a football game. On top of all the injuries and terrible football, the Quarterback, Sam Darnold, has been sidelined with mono, yes mono. How the Quarterback of an NFL football team gets mono is beyond me. To make matters worse, in the first game with backup QB Trevor Siemian in, he broke his ankle, so the Jets are onto their 3rd string QB. But I am not here to dwell, and remind us Jets fans what it has been the last 3 weeks, I am here to remind you that there is still a real shot for this team to turn it around.

First things first, this week, the team has bye. THEY CAN'T LOSE! It is always a great feeling when the Jets can not lose a football game. Another positive, nobody else can get hurt. It seems as if in every game this year the Jets have had a key player get injured, not necessarily ideal for a team to start the season. After this weeks bye, the Jets will be heading to Philadelphia to face the Eagles as a fully healthy team. Yes fully healthy. They are expected to get all EIGHT of their injured starters back and playing for the game against the Eagles. The most important players being Sam Darnold and ILB CJ Mosley. We also have history on our side, we are 0-10 against the Eagles all time. No team has ever lost their first 11 meetings against a team. Doesn't just seem perfect that the Jets have hit rock bottom in the first 3 weeks get a bye then come back healthy against a team they have never beat before when everyone is against you? Seriously, nobody believes in the Jets anymore already writing them off after 3 loses...3 loses in which our QB was playing with a serious illness and then out with that same illness. The media sucks, especially in New York, they want us to believe the year is over, that Daniel Jones is better than Sam Darnold, that Adam Gase is Rich Kotite 2.0. But these Jets are different. For the first time in a while they have players on both sides of the ball that are simply just hungry to win. That is seriously all they want to do, most of them are young in their first contracts and all they care about is winning. Unfortunately they have been hit with the most adversity and bad luck in the NFL this year. This coaching staff and this GM is all about no-nonsense, so to believe, at full strength, that this team will not be out their giving 110% to win football games you are crazy. Throw in the leagues weakest schedule for the remainder of the year and it is easy to see, as Sam Darnold would say "a little run" out of the Jets.a

I am really tired of reading all the negative media attention towards the Jets because I feel as if they are all missing what is going on with the team. A lot of these reporters have been covering the Jets for 20+ years, they are stuck in the times where situations like this never fix themselves. Yet they were the same reporters telling us this new regime is different back in the Summer. All they are trying to do is get click bait. They want us to click and read their articles so they can keep their jobs. They do not care what is actually going on, they are not going to cut the Jets some slack that they had to head to the toughest place in professional football and play a game with a 3rd string QB that was signed off the practice squad 14 days prior. No they will sit there and tell us its over. That changes need to be made. How about for the first time ever, we give the Jets some slack, we stay patient and see what the ACTUAL Jets do after the bye. Remember at full strength this team had a commanding 16-0 lead over a now 3-0 Bills team with a QB playing with the early symptoms of mono. Listen, I know I sound like a cenial Jets fan that doesn't "get it" because im only 21 and haven't lived through all the pain that you older Jets fans have lived through, but seriously, anyone who knows me knows how die hard I am. I usually do not talk to people after the Jets lose, I used to stay home from school when the Jets lost a big game when I was younger, so trust me I get it. BUT, for the first time in my life I have not really cared about these loses, I have gotten over them quick, why? Because I know this season is just beginning and still has all the possibilities to be special, so Jets fans, hang in there. Jet Up baby, because I have this feeling that there is something special coming.

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