The 10 Saltiest Tweets From Wayne State College's Ice Day 2K17

The 10 Saltiest Tweets From Wayne State College's Ice Day 2K17

There might not have been salt on the sidewalks, but there was plenty on Twitter.

Well, well, well, if anyone has had access to view Wayne State's Twitter account recently, you know that while the sidewalks and roads were not salted after our ice storm, Wayne State's Twitter page certainly was.

And so, I could not resist gathering what I deemed to be the 10 saltiest tweets of Ice Day 2K17:

1. Wayne State College

Oh, no. It could have ended quietly if not for this tweet. This tweet would be the tweet to remember.

2. Seniors are not quite so happy

Cause you know, driving and ice always go together so swimmingly.

3. The Stater

There is nothing I can say to make this better. Nothing.

4. The Kitten Killer

We all hope Tyler is kidding. Please be kidding.

5. Wayne State College, Part 2

Something about this tweet just doesn't seem... sincere.

6. Where did you put the salt?

7. The future lawyer

8. The spin-off fights

9. Don't worry, Selena, she didn't just go after you.

Melissa had enough salt for the entire state of Nebraska. Except, Allison makes a good point...

10. But in the end, we're not mad...

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