Working In Sales For The Summer Has Changed My Perception of Business

Working In Sales For The Summer Has Changed My Perception of Business

An outlook from a Media Strategies Major of the Business World


If you all did not already know, I've had my first ever experience in working for a sales company this past summer and I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT. It took me down completely unexpected routes of success and gave me a vivid understanding of how this industry operates. This week, I wanted to share the things I've learned as a Media Strategies major in the business world!

Pursuing a job in sales consists of learning lots of tactics about how to be persuasive. It's all about persuading the customer to your side of the sale and once you have mastered that- then it is smooth sailing from there. You've got yourself a sale! This was fun to learn about because it taught me how to step out of my comfort zone.

Now you're probably wondering who I worked with and what I did for this company. I worked for Cutco Cutlery, a fine line of high-quality kitchen cutlery that is American made. Random right? Well, it gave me lots of knowledge and admiration for the world of sales that's for sure.

This opportunity was very enjoyable for me because I got to reach out to so many people and simply ask them if it was o.k if I came to their homes and give them a brief demo of our kitchen products. Lots of them were nice enough to say yes and getting to physically see them in person shot my communication skills through the roof. For me, this was my favorite part.

I slowly began to stop caring whether I made a sale or not and started to enjoy visiting with the customers which (without my knowledge before it happened) increased the odds of making a sale. I was just having fun mingling and in most circumstances resulted in a happy sale!

Although all of these benefits of working with Cutco were absolutely awesome, I went through some harsh learning lessons as well. This job taught me that not every sale is going to be a fun one and that not every single customer is going to be nice to you about saying no to your product! No matter how sweet, caring, or considerate you are- things won't always work out the exact way you want it to. It is all about acceptance and keeping a positive attitude when it comes to being in the business industry, so if you ever find yourself struggling, keep your cool! Everything will work out in the long run, and hard work WILL pay off!

With all of this being said, I am proud to announce that I am still a Cutco Sales Representative and would be honored to be your rep if you are interested in purchasing any Cutco products! I will leave the link to our website below so you can take a look at what we have. From participating in a contest to see how much Cutco I could sell in three weeks this summer, I earned some Cutco products myself and I can tell you just how AMAZING our products are. They are the best of the best and are guaranteed to stay nice and sharp for 10+ years! I could go on about this company so I will let you see for yourself what we have to offer.

Reach out to me if you are interested in some great, memorable gifts for the holidays right around the corner!

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Yes, I'm A Woman Who Will Work In The Sports Industry, No I Don't Care About Gender Stereotypes

I know sports and love them and want to live my life in sports as long as I can. What does it matter if I am a woman?


As a sports leadership and management (SLAM) major at my university, I am surrounded by mostly men in my major. In a SLAM course this past semester, I was one of six women in a classroom with 35 seats. When looking at current front office directors, board members, and vice presidents of major league sports teams, the majority of them are male.

There is no direct problem with this; if they are doing their job well, then that is perfectly fine. The problem I have is that when I tell people that I want to work in the front office of a major league sports team, about half the time I get a funny look and a comment something along the lines of, "Really? But you're a girl, don't you want to do something else?" My first response always mentions the fact that I have been an athlete for 15 years and working in the sporting industry has been a passion of mine forever. If they still don't understand, I'll bluntly point out that it should not be a problem where I intend to work based on my gender. Major League Baseball recently announced that they are trying to bring more women into their front offices. The MLB is on board with more women joining the sporting industry, so why is my passion for working in sports so surprising to people?

The sporting industry has fascinated me as long as I remember. I grew up in a diehard Chicago Cubs fan family and lived through the infamous billy goat curse of the Cubs. I discovered the world of hockey and Chicago Blackhawks at a young age and lived through the great business turnaround of the Blackhawks. I recently gained interest in the sport of soccer when Team France won the World Cup. I have been a figure skater since I was 5 years old. I know sports and love them and want to live my life in sports as long as I can. What does it matter if I am a woman?

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The Excitement Of The NBA Playoffs Without Lebron James

The NBA playoffs are among us and it is my favorite time of the year. The time for the NBA to shine is the playoffs, but this year's rating has seen a bit of decline.


The NBA playoffs are a very exciting time for the typical NBA fan and I sure love nothing more than to kick back and watch the action. The excitement and the number of games on are unreal and they start one after another so every game can be watched without another one interfering with the other. The games have so much more than typical basketball and people are disappointed this year because Lebron James missed the playoffs for the first time since 2005. The last 14 years he has been dominating the NBA playoffs and this year was different so the ratings are plummeting.

The series are a best of 7 making it a long fun series of games with so much on the line. I have watched many of the games and highlights and have truly appreciated the greatness I am watching. The lower seeded teams have been doing well against the best teams and are giving them a run for the money. We have had a few fun blowout games that are interesting because you are seeing a team dominate the entire game and hit many great shots and make big plays. The good teams are still winning most of the games, but at least we have some close games that come down to the buzzer to make for great competition.

We then have young stars like Damian Lillard and Ben Simmons who have been giving us some amazing stat lines and leading their team to big first-round wins and both making huge highlights so far. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and James Harden have been the big stars having great games and contributing heavily to both their teams and the ratings to make the playoffs fun. Even without Lebron, these guys are still showing us how fun basketball is to watch and play.

The style of team basketball many of these guys are playing with is amazing to watch. I am all about teamwork and there is a new player doing something spectacular and having a standout game every night with the help of their team. The Los Angeles Clippers rallied for the biggest playoff comeback in NBA history by coming back from 31 down against the defending champions the Golden State Warriors. It is nice to see teams like the Clippers, Magic, and Pacers who do not have a standout star play great team basketball. These teams are losing most of their games, but they do not have the talent these other teams have. They are going out and playing well as a team every single night and working to make sure everyone is contributing on offense and defense to have a chance to win.

Damian Lillard even hit a buzzer beater to win the series over the Thunder the other night and it shows us how much of an impact one player can have on the whole game. The excitement of the upcoming free agency period is vastly hyped, but the current teams are so well set up for success that the next 2 rounds of the playoffs will be the ultimate tests for all teams to see who will play each other for the championship.

Everyone thinks the Warriors will once again host the NBA Larry O'Brien Trophy and be the top team in the league for the next year, but there are a few teams that have been quite impressive all season and have the momentum in their favor just as much as the defending champions. There will be plenty of big games to come and I am positive the players will put on a huge showing to make these playoffs memorable for all true NBA fans. Lebron is my favorite player of all time and I love watching him play especially in the finals for the title, but the ratings should still be high due to the great competitive game of basketball and the amazing moments we get to enjoy all throughout the playoffs. I encourage any basketball fan to tune in for these games and I promise you will not be disappointed with any of the games.

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