Since it's debut nearly 30 years ago, "Sailor Moon" remains a favorite amongst millennials and anime fans alike. With its female-centric cast, empowering messages, queer relationships and fierce female characters, it was one of the most revolutionary animes of its time. It taught girls that it was okay to be feminine and love pretty dresses while also being able to kick butt and save the universe from evil. "Sailor Moon" had us all fighting evil by moonlight and winning love by daylight.

Now, in the name of the moon, read this article or I will punish you!

1. Sailor Moon stressed the importance of female friendships

Sailor Moon knows how important female friendships are, that's why she has the sailor scouts always fighting by her side! She and her friends love and support one another, celebrating each other's victories and feeling each other's pain. Although they might argue sometimes, they know that girls need to help girls whenever they need it

2. Sailor Moon was able to be feminine while also kicking butt.

Sailor Moon loved to dress up in cute outfits and wear make-up (hence, the title: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) but that didn't mean she couldn't kick butt. She and her friends knew how to kick butts, take a name, and throw together a cute look. They didn't devalue femininity nor did they disregard the more masculine girls. They celebrated every type of woman in the show.

3. Sailor Moon Celebrated LGBT Women As Well

The Sailor Moon was famous for its LGBT representation (Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune/Kunzite and Zoisite, etc). Sailor Moon supported her LGBT friends and didn't think any less of them for being who they are.

4. Sailor Moon taught us that true beauty was inner, not outer.

Although the sailor scouts were traditionally pretty, they really focused on the girls' inner beauty. Sailor Moon reminded us that you can be pretty, but if you weren't a good person who cared about others then you truly weren't beautiful

5. Most of all, Sailor Moon taught us how to fight for ourselves

Ultimately, Sailor Moon taught us how to stick up for ourselves when we were being wronged. She taught us to be brave and take challenges head-on. Of course, she could be a bit of a crybaby and sometimes needed Tuxedo Mask to help her out, but that's the beauty of it: she's all of these things yet she's still brave. We can be crybabies and still be brave as well.