Women aren't lesser and safety is first
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Feeling Safe Should Not Be A Luxury For Women In 2018, It Should Be A Right

Women aren't lesser and their safety should come first.

Feeling Safe Should Not Be A Luxury For Women In 2018, It Should Be A Right

Since the beginning of the #MeToo movement, Times Up, and illumination of women's struggles there have been talks about how we can change this. We are making headway on trying to change the culture of sexual assault and harassment victims, however, more needs to be done.

Something that needs to be talked about more is women's safety.

As a woman, I'm always hyper aware of my surroundings. From a young age, women are taught to go to the bathroom with someone, travel in a pack, and to dress in a way to not be noticed.

I recently read this news report about these two girls in Oakland who were attacked and their throats were slashed by a man. My first thought was to pray for these girls and the family and the second was "wow that could happen to me." For some reason, it resonated with me because I've thought about women's safety a lot.

My biggest fear is being attacked or assaulted by someone and I can't do anything about it.

To be honest, this is a common fear among most women.

In America, we say that moms have eyes in the back of their heads because they see what their kids are doing without seeing with their eyes. Turns out, this is a woman (whether she has kids or not) thing. This is a primal instinct passed down through evolution, so women wouldn't be assaulted.

When I learned this fact, it blew my mind. Since the beginning of time women have always had to be more aware of their surroundings and what they do because of safety threats. From the beginning of time women have been seen as lesser just because their parts are different.

This is just as insane as someone being lesser because of the color of their skin.

Little girls growing up in 2018 and the future shouldn't have to be so aware. They should be able to go to the bathroom alone, travel alone, and do things alone without the fear of their safety being threatened.

When I was in high school, my guy friends were always confused about my girlfriends and I traveling in packs and going to the bathroom together, but it wasn't until recently that I realized why. It makes us feel safe. Having someone else means less of a chance of something awful threatening our safety.

To those who have made women feel unsafe and to the men who don't realize the privilege they have with their innate safety, pay attention and realize your privilege. Women aren't lesser and shouldn't have to be more aware or afraid than the next person.

To the women who are hyperaware and maybe have had their safety threatened, I see you and I hope we can change this.

#MeToo is a start, but we have to keep this train going.

Because safety shouldn't be an option for women and something that women question.

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