The Sad Truth Behind The Shooting

In Orlando, Florida, the largest mass shooting in America occurred at Pulse Night Club, a very busy gay bar. The shooter was Omar Mateen, an American citizen whose parents were born in Afghanistan. Now one might wonder why the birthplace of the parents is important in this situation. Well, it is the fact that in Afghanistan you can die just for being gay. In fact there’s a list of 11 Muslim countries that you can die just for being gay. Not only are you killed for being gay, but as a woman, adultery is met with death. This isn’t just a gun control issue because black markets exist. This isn’t just some random club, this was the “Hottest Gay Club in Town,” what we have is a Radical Islamic problem.

Now critiquing homophobia that some Muslims practice is met with backlash by people who claim they’re being “Islamophobic because not all of Islam is like that”. You’re right, but then again, No True Scotsman ever liked beer so stop committing that fallacy. According to the Quran, the book the Muslim faith practices, people have interpreted the condemning of homosexuality as literal in Quran 7:80-7:84 where “stones will rain onto them”. Some assumed they meant metaphorical stones, Radical Islam will use literal stones. According to the father of the shooter, “he got very angry” after his wife and kid saw two men kissing each other. This is just further proof that this was not just some random nightclub, this was done out of bigotry against homosexuals. According to the phone call made by the shooter, he screamed “Allahu Akbar”. If this doesn’t give you pause to critically think about Radical Muslim practices, what will?

Would it take a Cologne attack in America for us to realize there is a problem with Radical Islam? If one chooses to forget, this very heinous act was mostly committed by Radical Muslims. In Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve, 80 sexual assault incidents occurred and the main contributing factor to this was the massive migration that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was all in favor of. I wonder why German people would be worried of a mass migration of people who may practice Sharia Law. It’s not like they kill gay men right? Or the Quran implies that rape is okay for your wife? Or that any non-Muslim woman is okay to be raped? Oh wait, it does. Maybe it’s just me but there is a problem with Radical Islam.

Something else that has been very interesting is the outrage against a Christian couple who denied a gay couple a cake a while ago, yet liberals like Shaun King and Barack Obama will never ever say “radical Islam is a problem that must be stopped”. Instead, they’ll point towards how some Christians can be bigoted towards homosexuals. Quick question, who’s killing gays under the name of god?

Making the distinction between Radical Islam and those who believe in the Muslim faith and practice the faith in good nature is important because the bad apples from the tree shouldn’t stop you from picking at the tree, however, it isn’t wrong to tell people hey be careful that tree has some bad apples. I know that trees and religion aren't the best analogy but it made my point. Any religion is going to have some very horrible people who practice it, whether it be the Muslim faith, the Christian faith, or the Jewish faith. However, we cannot polarize them into a box that says “all Muslims are like this” or “all Christians are like this” when in reality, wonderful people practice different beliefs. We can appreciate those who practice these faiths but still critique those who practice the faith in a less than honorable way.

At the end of the day, we have a terrible issue involving Radical Muslims that Europe has faced. This issue can be stopped, not by banning Muslims from coming into America, but by acknowledging that Radical Muslim is a problem.

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