Sad Songs To Make You Sad On Valentines Day

Sad Songs To Make You Sad On Valentines Day

Some current, some old, some timeless.

Sad Songs To Make You Sad On Valentines Day
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Valentine’s Day is approaching, and not everyone has that special someone. Some will be fine, and some will be tampered by their emotions as their relationship status still states “single," on their Facebook accounts. What if you're recently single and realizing it is February?

If you’re going to be sad, then be sad.

It’s OK if you haven’t met that special someone or don’t have a special interest in this romantic holiday, so go ahead, be emotional and own it.

Here are some selections of sad songs to make you feel sad on Valentine’s Day.

1.Angel Olsen - "Those Were The Days"

“Those Were The Days” is a sad song about nostalgia for that special someone. Olsen cushions the lyrics with elegant piano twinkling in the background as her singing plays the focal point. It places you into dwelling; mirroring your own reminiscence as she shares hers.

Do you remember the way that it used to be? / I waited for you / You kept on searching with me/ Feeling free

Olsen’s album, My Woman, received great praise last year as it was one of the best albums that came out in 2016.

2) Frightened Rabbit - "Keep Yourself Warm"

This indie depression single from the Scottish five-piece band shines on modern romance. It is complex and difficult to grasp a relationship. The song illustrates obtaining one-night stands to suppress your sadness, but it is temporary and useless.

No, you won't find love in a / Won't find love in a hole / It takes more than fucking someone / To keep yourself warm

Can it be any more obvious (lyrically).

3.)The National - "About Today"

This is one of most depressive tracks from an extensive catalog from the National. Lead singer Matt Berninger’s baritone voice, with acoustic and strings layered in, convey an emotional portrait. "About Today,” is the realization that he’s about to lose the girl from his own selfishness, and not recognizing it till it is finally gone.

Tonight / You just close your eyes / And I just watch you / Slip away / How close am I / To losing you?

Powerful stuff from the once Grammy-nominated indie band.

4.)Solange - "Don’t Wish Me Well"

Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles came out with A Seat at the Table last year and it was a number one album on Billboard’s 200 chart. “Don’t Wish Me Well” is about moving forward and embracing transition, and if he wants to join her on this journey of growth, he can, just don’t hold her down.

And I'm going all the way / But I'll leave on the lights for you / I'm going all the way / And now you're almost out of view

5.) American Football - "Never Meant"

This emo-post rock tune came out in 1999 from Polyvinyl that received minor success, but the band was short-lived. In 2014 the album (self-titled) American Football, was reissued and made a revitalizing splash and did reunion tours. “Never Meant” is their first single and first song on their self-titled album.The title is an obvious reference in the regards that this relationship had an ending and it was inevitable, so let’s move on.

Goodbyes / And the autumn night when we realized / We were falling out of love

6.) Frank Ocean - "Ivy"

Being one of the most anticipated albums of 2016, Blond(e) was a commercial success, especially since Frank Ocean was on hiatus since Channel Orange in 2013. “Ivy” is about Ocean’s reminiscence of past mistakes, possibly towards an old flame.

I thought that I was dreaming / When you said you loved me / It started from nothing / I had no chance to prepare / I couldn't see you coming

7.) The Cure - "Pictures of You"

Another song about nostalgia from England’s The Cure. If you do not know, most of their songs were lyrically dark and tormenting coming from principal songwriter and lead singer Robert Smith. "Pictures of You" was inspired by Smith coming across a collection of photos of his wife, when a fire occurred at his house.

Remembering you fallen into my arms / Crying for the death of your heart / You were stone white so delicate

Thanks Robert Smith for making us all relate and expressing what others can not.

8.) The Smiths - "Asleep"

Personally one of my favorite bands, The Smiths are one of the most influential bands that came out from the 80s. "Asleep" was written by vocalist Morrissey; it is about wanting company as the narrator is falling into deep sorrow, leading to the direction of suicide.

Sing me to sleep / And then leave me alone / Don't try to wake me in the morning / Because I will be gone

Morrissey’s writings were about experiencing despair, rejection, and death.The Smiths were the spokespersons’ of relating to ordinary people depicting similar conditions.

9.) Radiohead-"No Surprises"

From the 1997 acclaimed album Ok, Computer, “No Surprises” is Radiohead’s third single from that album and it was number 4 in the UK charts.The song is considerably depressing, lead singer Thom Yorke soft, haunting vocal range makes this tune its state of mind.

A heart that's full up like a landfill / A job that slowly kills you / Bruises that won't heal / You look so tired and unhappy

Yikes! The message about how nothing matters anymore and your emotions are dwindling and apathy takes over. *pours whiskey in glass*

10.) Elliott Smith - "I Better Be Quiet Now"

Overall, most of the late Elliott Smith’s songs are quite despondent (he killed himself at the age of 34). "I Better Be Quiet Now" is Smith’s indication of his loneliness. He is aware he needs to be better, but it only gets worse. Poor Elliot.

Wish you gave me your number / Wish I could call you today, just to hear a voice / I got a long way to go / I'm getting further away

There is a reason the creators of Rick and Morty had an Elliot Smith reference.

11.) Amy Winehouse- "Back in Black"

Amy Jade Winehouse has a gorgeous voice and was talented for her age, embracing her talents in the genre of soul. "Back in Black" is 100 percent the opposite of Valentine’s Day. The song is about being deceived and betrayed by a loved one, and the only choice is to be strong, but yet, the hurt is unsuppressive.

Hurts, I love too much / It's not enough your love goes and my love grows / And life is like a pie and I'm a tiny penny rolling up the walls inside

12.) Mac DeMarco- "No Other Heart"

Mac DeMarco music has this creative style of sounding soft rock with a lazy atmosphere using guitar vibrato effects while singing in a John Lennon-esque kind of way. "No Other Heart" is under this category about having feelings for someone, and you can be able to make that someone happy. You get these ideas and notions that you can be with her/him, but it f*cks up due to the fact that person does not reciprocate those feelings right back.

If it’s so / then come on give this lover boy a try / I’ll put the sparkle right back in your eyes / What could you lose?

13.) Lauryn Hill - "Ex-Factor"

Lauryn Hill embraces that blend of singing and rapping with "Ex-Factor," from her solo album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. "Ex-Factor" is about the final impact of breaking up with someone, being fed up with the fights and on-going chaotics.

It could all be so simple / But you'd rather make it hard

Preach it, Lauryn!

14.) Aretha Franklin - "Ain’t No Way"

Aretha Franklin is one of the best artists of all time. Her powerful voice flexibility and operating dynamics of her singing helps the synchronization between her lyrics and affections. “Ain’t No Way” is a great example of not dealing with a lover’s nonsense. Aretha standing her ground and on how she can’t give all her love if he puts her down.

I know that a woman's duty is to help and love a man / And that's the way it was planned / Oh but how can I, how can I, how can I / Give you all the things I can / If you're tying both of my hands?

15.) Al Green - "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?"

Al Green has so many hit singles that could’ve fit in this list like “I’m Still In Love With You,” “Let’s Stay Together,” or “Tired of Being Alone.” “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?” is a classic sad song of Green asking how can you heal your broken heart, when it feels impossible even though you want to be happy again.

And how can you mend a broken heart? / How can you stop the rain from falling down? / How can you stop the sun from shining?

16.) Otis Redding - "I’ve been Loving You Too Long (to Stop Now)"

This is one of Otis Redding’s best singles. An emotional classic of a soul ballad written by Otis and Jerry Butler. Redding sings with all this passion on how crucial he wants to keep this relationship going as she is not loving him anymore. It’s the typical situation of melancholy and fear of the “us” realistically ending.

With you my life has been so wonderful / I can't stop now / You are tired and your love is growing cold

My love is growing stronger as our affair, affair grows old / I've been loving you oh, too long

17.) Billie Holiday - "Good Morning Heartache"

This timeless jazz tune, sung by the legend Billie Holiday, is about waking up every day and dealing with the agony of sorrow and though she does not want it, she will accept that it will be around.

Thought we said goodbye last night / I turned and tossed until / It seems you we have gone / But here you are with the dawn

Miss Holiday will make you blue…how un-valentine!

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