I do not think that I have ever not wanted to do something more, then leave home for college. Like yeah, I was excited, but the thought of growing up, moving, and leaving some people behind terrified me. But here I am, sitting alone in my empty dorm room, and I do not want to leave.

This tiny space I lived in for 9 months, has seen everything. This place feels like home now, and I am almost as sad to leave this place as I was sad to come to this place last summer.

The tiny twin bed has been one of my favorite spots, the shower I can barely move in was the only space I was really able to think, the desk that no matter how many times you cleaned it, it was always dusty, and the space in between our beds was the perfect spot for our nightly dance parties.

I am going to miss this place more than I thought I would and that surprises me, not that I would ever want to live here again. I think it is just a sentimental place because of all the firsts that happened here. More things happened here that help define who I am as a person than the house that I grew up in my entire life. The house I grew up in helped me become who I am today, but the dorm I have lived in has molded me into me.

Personally. I think everyone should have to experience living in a dorm. They really are not as bad as people make them out to be...besides the elevator being broken and running out of hot water(;

So thanks for all of the friends and amazing memories you have given me 602, you were a real one!!