Rutgers Endangered Thousands Of Students By Not Canceling Classes On February 11th

Rutgers Endangered Thousands Of Students By Not Canceling Classes On February 11th

No matter how one puts it, to still have classes open during a state of emergency with all the potential perils is just ludicrous and abandons all common sense.


February 11th, 2019: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency due to the pending winter storm that was bound to arrive the next day. Almost all weather channels and websites predicted that there would be anywhere from three to six inches of snow with a rich mixture of ice and sleet.

Also February 11th, 2019: Rutgers University declares a delayed opening for all university classes except Rutgers Newark and RBHS Newark.

No matter how one puts it, to still have classes open during a state of emergency with all the potential perils is just ludicrous and abandons all common sense. Most other New Jersey colleges and universities seem to agree with this basic train of thought, as other New Jersey institutions like Kean University, Seton Hall University, and Montclair State University all wisely closed their respective campus classes to ensure the safety of their students.

This statement is made without even taking into account that Rutgers University has tens of thousands of students who commute to school. From the potential ice hazards to the massive amounts of mud and snow, the number of dangers the weather proposed is more than just a few. More than 17 thousand commuters were left in a lose-lose situation: risk their safety on the road driving to school or the valuable information from classes, which is more critical particularly now since the first wave of exams are approaching for most students. Thankfully, there were a handful of professors who were sane enough to cancel their classes because they actually recognized, unlike Rutgers University, that some students have to travel decent lengths to come to school.

This occurrence is not just a one-time event - Rutgers University opened during another blizzard last year, which caused massive issues towards student employees on campus. Again, most colleges closed during this statement of emergency except for Rutgers.

Simply put, there appears to be a lack of respect and care given towards Rutgers students and especially commuters. No logic can explain why Rutgers wants to put whatever incentive they may receive from opening the university above the safety of its students. The fact that this event happened multiple times bodes poorly for commuters in future situations like these. As such, there needs to be a tangible action to be taken immediately before an occurrence similar to this one happens again. Who knows when a severe accident or injury occurs as a result of sheer poor judgment? Priorities must change so that the well-being of students and commuters are number one compared to everything else.

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37 Things You Can Actually Do In The Residence Halls

University housing will give you an "idea" of what there is to do in the residence halls.

What kinds of things are there to do in the residence halls? What is there to do in one's free time? How will my days look? Dorm, university housing, or "dormpartment" living can look like many things, but I dare say it doesn't necessarily look like the campus brochure. There will be studying, lounging, and university-sponsored events, but there will be many other activities in-between those times as well. "What is there to do in the residence halls?" Here are some of the examples you may, or may not, find inside the school brochures (accompanied by my own not-so-professional photos.)

1. Watch TV.

Perhaps what makes your residence really feel like home.

2. Eat.

One of my most favorite and most common activities.

3. Study.

Whether you're "studying" or resigning-your-social-life studying, there will be a lot of this happening.

4. Play games and meet other residents.

When you force yourself to get out and meet new people, you won't regret it. Nothing like a rousing game of Apples to Apples in the common room to get to know your dorm-mates.

5. Decorate your door.

Especially when you're a freshman, door-decorating contests are definitely a thing.

6. Crafts.

When an opportunity to craft arises, the answer is almost always yes.

7. Throw parties.

Channel your inner Martha Stewart. Minus the jail time.

8. Order pizza.

There's always something magical about having cheesy goodness brought right to your door.

9. Handstands.

After sitting for hours on end studying, you will get stir crazy. Try not to injure yourself.

10. Decorate for Christmas.

Going in together to purchase a 6 feet tree for your dorm? Absolutely!

11. Make gingerbread houses.

It's a tasty combination of crafting and eating.

12. Sleep in.

Let's be honest, being able to make your own schedule means you're going to let yourself sleep all day if you have the opportunity.

13. Flex your green thumb (gardening.)

Find the perfect dorm-sized plants to liven up your space.

14. Find a (paper) Valentine.

Your RA's got your back.

15. Rearrange your room.

The perfect activity when all your friends decide to go home for the weekend.

16. Get out in the snow.

We don't get much snow in Alabama, but when we do, it's ten million times more fun with all of your friends and canceled classes.

17. Take official roomie pictures.

Selfie or it didn't happen.

18. Practice your cooking skills.

If you're in a "dormpartment" like I am, you may have to get a little creative...

19. Dress up.

Residence halls will see their fair share of preparation for Halloween parties, Christmas parties, formals, presentations, and ceremonies.

20. Hoverboard (apparently.)

I've personally never done this (and hoverboards aren't allowed anymore,) but other modes of hall transportation include running, bicycles, and rolling chairs.

21. Invite friends over.

After all, what makes a room a home is the people who fill it with love. Or whatever those cheesy wall hangings say.

22. Try to practice an instrument without anyone hearing.

Try shutting all possible doors then getting inside the closet. So far no one has complained.

23. Climb on top of the counters to reach things.

Rooms designed to accommodate basketball players are rooms designed to make short people get really creative.

24. Raise money for charity.

What better place to look for help supporting your favorite cause than all the other people living in the same building as you? They'll have to pass by that front desk several times a day anyway. I've seen several donation jars or charity drives in the residence halls, all of which seem to do pretty well.

25. Mess with the wireless devices.

This is the third time someone has printed something to your printer today. Go ahead. Start casting random YouTube videos to someone else's TV.

26. Make your way around during power outages.

It's interesting what others will do when the power goes out. Crazy stuff. Like people-marching-up-and-down-the-hallways-as-a-mob crazy. I don't understand it either.

27. Get a pet (as allowed).

Such a worthwhile investment (until you have to hold its funeral...)

28. Cleaning.

I didn't know water could seep from the bathroom next door into my own until it happened the day before move-out.

29. Not cleaning.

I typically enjoy cleaning, but sometimes, ain't nobody got time for that.

30. Read the bulletin boards.

31. Hammocking.

Hammocking can be done indoors... proceed with caution.

32. Creep on your neighbors.

I'd recommend just creeping on the neighbors you know, but at some point you'll start wondering what they're throwing from the window above yours. It's basically in your best interest to figure out what might land on your window.

33. Go up and down the stairs.

Otherwise known as exercise, or everyday transportation, depending on which residence hall you're in.

34. Have a giant slumber party in the living room.

Test the limits of how many mattresses can fit into one room.

35. Finding all kinds of surprises in the hallway.

I wish I could say I had help compiling all these pictures. I wish.

36. Practice adulting.

Sometimes you have to figure out how to cross the bridge between feeling like a small child and presenting yourself as a competitive asset to the workforce. The privacy of your own home is the best place to try to figure this out.

37. Make memories and have lots of fun along the way.

This is the bullet point to encompass all the other miscellaneous activities that will fill your precious time in the residence halls. Woot woot.

Cover Image Credit: Author's photo

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Dealing With The Bipolar Louisiana Weather, As Told By Coach O Himself

Whether it's figuring out what to wear or dealing with the weather on your walk to class, we've all faced these struggles at some point.


As you may know, the Louisiana weather this time of year is not the most reliable. On Monday it can be sunny and 82 degrees, and by Tuesday it's freezing and raining. Here are some situations you've probably dealt with at some point or another, told through none other than Coach O himself.

Looking at your phone to check the weather app before you get dressed.


This is crucial when getting dressed because you never know what weather you should be preparing yourself for. Make sure you look at the whole day's forecast because it could very well change in a short amount of time.

When you walk outside and it's way hotter than you anticipated.


You instantly start sweating... hurry up and speed-walk through campus to get to some sort of air conditioning.

When you come out of class and the weather has completely changed.


You didn't anticipate that the weather would be changing within the hour, so you played yourself. You look cute today but when you walk out of class, it's a torrential downpour outside and you have no rain jacket or umbrella.

Being forced to take a shower when you get home because your outfit made you a sweaty mess.


When you got dressed in the morning, you wore long sleeves and pants, but now it's 80 degrees so you're sweating your ass off... congrats, now you have to go home a take a shower.

When your friend tells you that "it will probably be nice all day."


Don't trust them, don't trust the weatherman, don't trust anyone. The weather has a mind of its own and you can't ever really be sure that it's going to stay beautiful outside all day.

When you remember that you left your windows open... and now it's raining.


Yeah even though it was sunny when you got out, doesn't mean it's going to stay sunny all day. ALWAYS make sure you close your windows or you'll hate yourself when you're sitting in Lockett and your car windows are open across campus.

When you actually planned ahead and dressed in the correct layers.


Congrats, this may happen to you once in your life (if you're lucky). Sometimes the weather is just nice and sunny and bearable, and you don't have to worry about it screwing up your day.

No matter what the weather is though, Louisiana in the springtime may be one of the nicest things in the world. Throw on some shorts, grab your hammock, and enjoy the weather.

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