10 Restaurants Every Rutgers University Student Needs To Know About

These New Brunswick Restaurants Sell Acai Bowls, Ice Cream, Stir Fry And So Much More

There is always room for dessert after dinner at your favorite restaurant. Thomas Sweet has unique and delicious flavors that are hands down the best ice cream on campus.

If you are an incoming freshman at Rutgers University, I am not going to lie to you. You are going to get tired of eating at the same list of food in the dining halls. You are going to get tired of the constant cycle of chicken nuggets, pizza, and macaroni. Adventuring out and getting to know your campus, as well as your surroundings in the town of New Brunswick, is very useful. You never know where certain opportunities will take you, and having knowledge of the area in which you now will reside is very useful. If you ever want to take a break from studying or want to go out with friends on a weekend for dinner, these places will definitely satisfy any kind of craving.

1. The Yard

The Yard is your typical college scene. Sometimes it's hard to avoid the crowds of students rushing for an LX bus here, but catch it at the right time and you can sit down and enjoy a variety of meals from The Yard. From Honeygrow stir-fry, Jersey Mike's sandwich, a famous RU Hungry fat sandwich, a Krispy slice of pizza, or Surf Taco tacos, you can get out of your routine diet from the dining hall and chow down on a new type of meal.

2. Tacoria

This small storefront isn't so hard to find; the Tacoria sign that shines bright lights up Easton Ave at night. This restaurant hands down has the best Mexican food in New Brunswick. When the weather is nice, grab your friends and take a seat in the back outdoor seating.

3. Playa Bowls/Frutta Bowls

Smoothie bowls have taken the food industry by storm, and New Brunswick is lucky to have some of the finest chains of these sweet and fruity bowls. Both Playa Bowls and Frutta Bowls offer a healthy and sweet snack to pick up in between your classes or on a study break.

4. Stuff Yer Face

Stuff Yer Face is one of the most famous spots on the Rutgers campus. This restaurant and bar is the perfect weekend scene. Add to your "RUcket list": try at least 10 different stromboli sandwiches on the Stuff Yer Face menu! There are tons of stromboli to choose from. Find your favorite with your friends on a weekend.

5. Thomas Sweet

There is always room for dessert after dinner at your favorite restaurant. Thomas Sweet has unique and delicious flavors that are hands down the best ice cream on campus.

6. KBG

KBG is a hidden gem of Rutgers. The "Korean BBQ Chipotle" lets you choose your base, meat, and toppings just like the chain Mexican food restaurant. You can also have a cup of bubble tea on the side of your bowl.

7. Henry's Diner

Every Rutgers student should visit Henry's Diner. They serve everything and anything you want while sitting in a retro-style RU themed Diner. Don't want to wait in line? Take out Henry's and bring it to your dorm for a movie night with friends!

9. Hansel 'n Griddle

Everyone regrets eating greasy yet very delicious food after a night out. Head Downtown at any time during the night to satisfy those greasy cravings of yours.

10. Old Man Rafferty's

Looking for a nice night out? Old Man Rafferty's is one of many restaurants to dine in for an occasion or a "treat yo' self" kind of night.

Enough with dining hall food, quick dinners, or midnight take-out after you skipped a meal to make sure you finish your Expos paper. Explore New Brunswick. Your school has a lot to offer.

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