50 Things To Add To, Then Cross Off, Your Ultimate Rutgers Bucket List
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Student Life

50 Things To Add To, Then Cross Off, Your Ultimate Rutgers Bucket List

This ultimate "RUcket List" will help you create a true college experience.

50 Things To Add To, Then Cross Off, Your Ultimate Rutgers Bucket List
Dana Sheehan

There's plenty of things to experience at Rutgers University. From dining hall events to huge football games to trying out places on Easton Ave, there's something everyone can do. Whether you're approaching the end of your first semester now and looking to try new experiences for next year or will be entering your last two semesters in September, this ultimate RUcket List will help you create a true college experience:

1. Attend a football game

An obvious one. A majority of the time you can get a free ticket through the student lottery. After that, it's tailgating, football, and afterparties.

2. See a movie at the Rutgers Cinema

Located on Livi, the Rutgers Cinema is lovely tiny theatre that offers popcorn, drinks, slushies, and $7 movie tickets for students with school IDs.

3. Visit the Rutgers Gardens

Located near Cook, take a walk through this huge and beautiful garden

4. Visit the farm on Cook campus

It's free! There's sheep, horses, cows, pigs, and the Barn's special cat!

5. Visit the Zimmerli Museum

Always bringing in new programs, the Zimmerli on College Ave is a great place to take in all different kinds of arts. Plus, the first Tuesday of each month holds a special after-hours event

6. Play in the Rutgers Zone

An arcade with a snacks and ice cream bar. Do I have to say anything else?

7. Read a book in Voorhees Mall

Want to sit outside but also have a lot of work to do? Everyone reads against the trees in the Mall. Join them!

8. Try every bus route

Visit every campus and in the process, try all the routes. Just for the heck of it.

9. See a show at George Street Playhouse

A nationally recognized theatre currently located on Cook, these shows are simply a site to see yourself

10. Have a picnic at Passion Puddle

Sit next to the lake and have a lovely lunch date. It's pretty nice in the Fall/Spring

11. Go to every library

There are several libraries throughout Rutgers. Each holds their own unique stash of materials, and you'll have to use it eventually.

12. See stars at the Astronomy Tower

Observe the sky on select Thursdays over on Busch

13. Dance in the Dance Marathon

Not only Rutgers' largest event, but a great way to raise money. This 24-hour marathon raises funds and awareness for the Embrace Kids Foundation.

14. Run in the Big Chill

Another charitable event, participants bring a toy and run a 5k. In December!

15. Attend the Masquerade Ball

With a new theme every year, the Ball is during the Spring semester with great music, games, and fun.

16. See the Bed Races

A Homecoming favorite, watch student organizations race down Sicard street!

17. Attend Rutgers Day

Everyone is welcome and admission is free! Experience hands-on learning and a bunch of fun activities.

18. Walk the path between Busch and College Ave

It's not that bad...

19. Write on The Wall

What do you want to do before you die?

20. Attend the Involvement Fair

Need to join a club? Stop here and you'll find 500 stretched down College Ave

21. Attend the Career Fair

Need a job or internship? Grab your suit, resume, and confidence and try this.

22. Play in the Livi fountains

It gets a little hot walking around.

23. See the gallery at Mason Gross

It's free admission to check out awesome artwork done by students.

24. Visit every Rec Center

Every Rec center is different. An Olympic swimming pool with diving board, rope challenges, and a rock wall are just some things included

25. Take a pic with the Scarlet Knight

You just have to.

26. Walk through Old Queen's Gate

But only walk through the gate on two occasions: convocation and graduation. Otherwise, your grades will be doomed and you may have to stay an extra semester!

27. Go to every dining hall

Every dining hall is significantly different. From Livi's grill to Brower's Stir fry, there are plenty reasons to try.

28. Attend all dining hall events

King Neptune's Night, MidKnight Breakfast, and Boardwalk Bonanza are only a few.

29. Eat at Henry's Diner

There's so much to choose from, awesome shakes, and now they accept meal swipes!

30. Order from the Knight Wagon

Travels across campus to bring you medieval-themed meals. Plus, you can use meal swipes!

31. Eat a "fat sandwich"

We invented it, you gotta try at least one before you graduate.

32. Try the Rock, Cook, and Douglass Cafe

Sick of the dining hall? Look no further! Try out the cafes on Livi, Cook, and Douglass

33. Listen to the WRSU

Rutgers' very own radio station!

34. Watch RUTV

Wake up, Rutgers!

35. Read The Daily Targum and The Medium

Get your college news through The Daily Targum and get some laughs out by reading The Medium

36. Try places on Easton Ave

Stuff Yer Face, Cookie Rush, Thomas' sweet store, Cookies and Crepes, and Hansel n' Griddle - try out all of them and more to find your favorite one!

37. Eat at The Yard

Watch the TV and enjoy your pick of Krispey Pizza, Jersey Mikes, HoneyGrow, and more

38. Visit Animal Haven

Located across the Raritan, the park holds its very own friendly farm!

39. Help out in the Scarlet Day of Service

Serve New Jersey by cleaning up the environment!

40. Eat at Hot Dog Day

Free hot dogs and more on College Ave in the Spring. Plus, this guy!

41. Attend a comedy night

RUPA presents multiple comedy nights throughout the year. Check one out!

42. Make Dean's List

Try your best to get the best grades!

43. Attend a club for at least one semester

Clubs are great ways to get involved! And there's 500+ of them. Find one you'll love and attend for at least one semester

44. Plan a trip to Philly or NY

With the train station located on College Ave, two big cities are only an hour away.

45. Walk by Whistling Willie

And see if he "whistles."

46. Attend a Reading at Rutgers event

Rutgers English brings in multiple talented and entheastic writers to read their books. Novels or poetry, check at least one out!

47. Climb the rock wall in the gym

Located on College Ave, the rock wall is 25 feet tall with plenty of routes to the top.

48. Major and Minor Fair

Don't know what to major in? Or minor? Check them all out here!

49. Find a hidden place on campus

Maybe you'll find your own secret study space.

50. Have fun

Through all the tears, all-nighters, and study breakdowns, remember to have fun. College is a new experience and it's yours for the taking.

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