I started to run recently because I had a lot of emotions built up. This could be considered as anxiety, but I think it is unnecessary to call it that. I began running at night because it helps me de-stress my mind and organize my thoughts. The feeling I have after the run is relief and relaxation. The days I don't run I do other exercises which help keep me on a schedule. All in all, I hope this convinces you to de-stress every day.

Running had liberated the pent up emotions I had been feeling and let me decompress. I channeled all of these feelings into going faster. Although I am in no way the fastest, when you're running for the hell of it, speed doesn't matter. After the first run I was breathless, sweating, and relieved. All in all, running helps clear your head.

The next day my body hurt because I probably hadn't run or jogged since the end of college. But instead of giving up and throwing in the towel I went again the next day and the day after that. I have found that it is a great way to end my day.

I prefer going at night because it is cooler and the time I am the least busy. If you are stressed at home, work, or school you should do it because it is good for your body emotionally and physically. Running is not the only solution, there are other exercise activities that could have the same effects.

For one I love Zumba and dancing is always fun. I remember laughing during the class more than dancing because I have no hand to foot coordination. Then I tried a spin class and if anyone even does that once a week they deserve a lot of credit. That was a rough Saturday morning and the last class I went to. I definitely want to attend another spin class next semester and keep up with it like some of my friends do. I also like to use the rowing machine which helps exercise your arms and core. I would use that machine as a part of my warm up.

You may not think you have the time to dedicate a little exercise but you only have to go for 20-30 minutes to feel the positive effects. I used to go to the gym before dinner, or after my last class. I would go with my friend in the mornings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then at night during Tuesdays and Thursdays to balance out the week. I found that going with a friend to the gym helps motivate you to try harder during your workout.

Don't we all wish it was easy to stay regimented? It takes discipline to keep yourself on a schedule and end up sticking to it. I recommend that once you have your schedule, each day you should find time to relax in your own way. All in all, if you're doing any of this you need to stay hydrated before and after any of this exercise. Combining healthy eating and exercising helps keep your energy level up. Altogether, exercising helped change my lifestyle in a positive way and I hope it helps you too!