We all reach the most tragic part of our residential meal plan: the day we run out of dining dollars. Some of us try to avoid the inevitability of having to pay out of pocket for our coffees, and refuse to look at the balance until the day we are officially cut off. Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end, and what better character to illustrate the loss of our most treasured dining dollars, than Schmidt?

1. When you can sense your dining dollars are running low:

I know they must be running low ... but I refuse to check my current balance.

2. When you finally check and see you only have $5 left:

How can this be?!

3. When you're contemplating if the coffee purchase you're about to make is 100 percent necessary, so you seek out someone else to buy it for you:

Just have to butter them up a bit ...

4. When the senior in front of you buys a coffee, and their current balance comes up on the register as $435 at the end of the semester:

Can't they share the love?!

5. When your friend tries to make you feel better by saying they only have $75 dollars left:

There is truly no comparison to make here.

6. When you go back and think of all the times you wasted dining dollars on things you didn't need:

"I spent $8.00 on a lousy salad."

7. When you overhear people talking about how they budgeted their dining dollars and still have plenty:

Shut up! Just shut up!

8. When you finally make the last purchase, and you need some emotional support:

"It'll be okay."

9. When you take some time to mourn your loss:

I'll get through this.

10. When you decide to drink the dining hall coffee so that you don't have to pay out of pocket:

That is, quite possibly, the worst thing I've ever had.

11. When you start to get a little hostile towards those who can still afford chicken tenders:


12. When you ask your friend to describe what they bought, because you want to live vicariously through them:

"What toppings were on the pizza?"

13. But then, one of your friends decides to buy you some food with their dining dollars:

You kind, generous soul.

14. And you realize that your friend bestowed upon you one of the biggest acts of love:

I'm forever indebted to you.

15. And at end of the day, you ate some pretty good food this semester, and let's face it, you're still pretty awesome.

Schmidt out.