Run(a)way: A Catwalk Of Supermodels
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Run(a)way: A Catwalk Of Supermodels

They are not what they seem; all that glitters is cold.

Run(a)way: A Catwalk Of Supermodels
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Swan necks (hypnotic hex)

Stony Gaze (fashion craze)

Giraffe legs (young girl begs)

Octopus arms (perfection harms)

These ethereal beings

Embody something imagined

Something some of us long for

If we’re lucky, we shall never have it

For it is we who





Simply are

Something they will never be

We are lucky

For it is they who









Waste Away

Till nothing is left but the garment

Their souls are invisible

Not even the flash of a camera can capture them





Pathetic is how they see themselves

They’re attending a masquerade ball

Dancing in singular, straight lines


There are no partners to be jealous of

Yet jealousy still finds them

Lose a shoe

Lose your balance

Lose weight

Lose hair

Lose your youth

Lose respect

Lose yourself

Lose your mind

So many expectations

Expect to

Represent beauty

Ingest more pills than food

Feel empty

Feel inadequate

Still be envied

Feel ugly

Feel flawed

Feel nothing

Expect to be expected

It’s all about fashion (yet they show little passion)

Gait is deliberate (their expressions inhibit)

Barely there (they don’t care)

No choice (no voice)

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