Running for office is a huge step in anybody's life, so make sure you have these tools to ensure the greatest outcome in your election.

1. Preparing to run!

The National Democrat Training Committee offers free training for any Democrat running for office. This should be your first stop as you begin running for office!

2. Funding your campaign 

Now to help fund your campaign, try Crowdpac, it's a crowd sourcing platform for campaigns!

3. Make sure you're prepared 

Read over this Huffington post article, it hits on some of the easy to forget things you'll need.

4. Now time for some research 

Look into who has run before, how much they one or lost by, and see what issues those who have run campaigned on. For this you can use Ballotpedia, and OnTheIssues.

5. Relax, and find your support system 

Make sure you find time for self care, and ease stress with relaxing, and spending time with friends and family.

6. Turning everything in on time 

As you run, you will have to fill out a lot of paperwork, find your state on this list, and make sure you get everything in on time!

7. A helpful list of resources

Finally, Run For Something has all of the resources, and help you could possible look for to cross off everything on your campaign todo list!

There you have it! With these seven resources, you should be in a good position to begin your campaign! Good luck!