Why Rugrats Is The Best Cartoon Ever

Some people may think "Rugrats" is just a cartoon, but it is much more than that. What is so great about "Rugrats," right? Well this article is to inform you on the things you may not have known before concerning the wonders of this cartoon.

They Have Their Own Personalities

Like many cartoons, the characters have personalities, but not all of them are necessarily different. However, in the "Rugrats" series, each baby has a focused personality. Some of them have strong characteristics, while others may have weak ones. For example, the main original characters are Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Phil, and Lil. Tommy is the brave one of the bunch. He is rarely afraid of anything, and helps to lead the other babies. Chuckie is the shy baby that tends to be scared of almost everything. He finds serenity in safety. Angelica is a 3-year-old with a loud personality. She is spoiled and tends to push around all of the babies. Finally, the twins. Phil is more blunt and enjoys playing with Reptar and eating bugs. While Lil is more sensitive and expresses concern for her brother. She does like to eat bugs, but enjoys playing with the villain snail.

There Are Lessons To Each Episode

When watching "Rugrats," there is a huge problem that usually goes against good morals. Whether it is Angelica bossing them around or something scary in the closet, the babies learn from the event. Every episode ends with the problem resolved in an appropriate manner. For example. In the episode "Rebel Without a Teddy Bear," Tommy's mother accidentally throws away his favorite stuffed lion. Angelica sees his despair and teaches him how to be a rebel baby. In the end, Tommy's emotions would not allow him to continue his bad behavior and his mother finds his lion. The moral was the fact that being a rebel does not accomplish anything.

They Have Funny Quotes

Don't believe me? Well here are a few of my favorite quotes.

Tommy (at a pretend funeral): Um, shouldn't someone say something?
Chuckie: How about... Hinkle finkle dinkle do.
Lil, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil: Ahem.

Chuckie (after Angelica asking Chuckie why he allowed them to be locked in the closet): But Ms. Angelica, you told me to come in here
Angelica: So what? If I told you to jump off a bridge would you do it?
Chuckie: Probably

Grandpa (pretending to quickly read a bedtime story): "Once upon a time, there was a little bunny who wanted some friends. So he found some friends, and he lived happily ever after. The end."

They Are Talking Babies! Duh!

You can never go wrong with talking babies. Getting the facts of life from a childlike view point is not very common. Seeing how their goo-goos and gah-gahs could be their own personal form of communication while adults remain completely clueless is priceless. So my advice to you, go and watch "Rugrats" because it is by far the best!

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