How to handle people who tend to rub you the wrong way.
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The Art Of Dealing With Entitled People

Giving someone the time of day is only sometimes worth it.


Everyday life seems to go by like a breeze until you hit a bump in the road. It could be a handful of things — an unpaid bill, a homework assignment, an ex, or my least favorite, entitled arrogant adults. Now, these are the types of people that think everything in life goes one of two ways. The right way of being handed to them and everything going the way they believe it should, or the wrong way of life being life and not following the path carved out for it in someone's mind.

Growing up I have always felt this need to speak up for the unspoken, that is why when entering university, I had an uncanny need to become a journalist. The field may be a wild and unexpected one, but it always has one thing in common, giving a voice to the little guy. I never had a problem with talking, just ask any of my past teachers, and I without a doubt have a no bullshit policy when it comes to communication. Say what you mean, mean what you say, but the key to all of this being said is to voice your opinion within the right context. Never allow a hot head to overcome you and spew disrespect, especially to a boss, mentor, or even a friend. Take time to cool off and then come to a conclusion handling everything like an adult. When I got to college, I was rudely awakened with the fact that not everyone thinks this way. And let me tell you I was disgusted.

College is a beautiful thing. You get to find yourself in every sense of the word. You discover your calling in life, you create connections that (hopefully) last a lifetime, and you can join clubs that help you perfect your craft of your choosing. When I joined clubs, I sought to try my hardest, make connections, and to have fun! I didn't realize that having to deal with second-hand disrespect was on the menu. Young adults are still finding themselves and maturing, but when it comes to blatant disrespect that disrupts the peace, that crosses a line with me. And when you are coming after not only one of my friends, but people who choose to step aside and let the hate wash over them, all I see is red.

The art of dealing with entitled people comes in many forms. If it is first hand, speak up. Remind them that what they are doing is not only unprofessional, but also very rude and uncalled for. If it is second hand, ask them why they feel the need to "expose" others and bring nothing but unwelcomed negativity into the workspace. And if it has nothing to do with you, I recommend approaching the quote, unquote attacked, after the event has happened and allow them to vent to you and let all the emotions and thoughts they had bottled up, come unscrewed and pour onto your lap. Me being the childless mama bear that I am do all three, simultaneously.

Now I am not proud, nor perfect in my stance and approach. I can acknowledge that I may come off too hard and stuck up. I really am not trying to. Not everyone has to think the same, but everyone needs to show respect to the people they are friends with and work with and for. The art of dealing with entitled people is a craft that takes years to master, and I am nowhere near that. But at the end of the day, just take a breath, close your eyes, and move on because the best thing you can do is be there for the people that ask you to be.

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