The Zodiac Sign You Should Marry If You Want A Divorce

This Is The Zodiac Sign You Should Marry If You Want To Get Divorced One Day

Please don't make me say "I told you so."

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If you plan on getting a divorce in the future, this article is for you. We were thinking about compatibility, and instead of writing something that everyone writes about what signs go best with each other, we figured that we would be more realistic and tell you what sign will make you hate yourself.

Now before you freak out and start dissing on astrology, just remember that you have a whole birth chart. We are talking about only your sun sign, so remember to not take this too seriously. Unless you want to use this as an excuse to dump him or her, then by all means... do it.

Scorpio and Leo

Have you ever heard the quote, "I heavily relate to Tinkerbell because she needs attention or she dies"? That is a Leo. There is no worse match for a Leo than someone who does not like expressing emotion and keeping things to themselves, AKA a Scorpio. I think that all Scorpios should go out of their way to date a Leo at least once, just because it would actually be one of the most entertaining relationships that even reality television could not create. Picture this, the Leo posting literally everything about their entire life on every platform of social media possible. That would absolutely terrify the Scorpio, so much to the point to where the Scorpio would possibly fake their own death to somehow get out of it. Don't worry though, when the Leo moves on fast, the Scorpio would low key get jealous then probably do something like cry and light their house on fire or sell their soul to the devil.

Virgo and Sagittarius

We can just pretend like this would happen because in reality the Sagittarius would run away before the relationship even got a chance to start, but just imagine the chaos. Sagittarius is messy. Not only messy as in not cleaning up after themselves, but their lives are messy. This is very different from the uptight Virgo who likes to know everything that is going to happen at every single second of the day and if one thing is wrong they start getting anxiety. The main problem in this relationship is that the Sagittarius would cheat because the Virgo would likely have them on a leash. The conversation would be something like:

Virgo: Hey, I went through your phone and saw that you had nudes from another girl.

Sagittarius: So?

Virgo: I found nudes from someone else on your phone. You received them twenty minutes ago.

Sagittarius: I don't see the problem.

Another problem is the Sagittarius would want to travel everywhere, but the Virgo is likely one of those "I can only be in the car for 5 hours at a time, can we please stop and get a hotel then continue traveling the next day" type of people. Or they simply would not see the purpose of traveling. It would simply seem pointless. Not that they would even be invited in the first place because the Sag would buy a trip to a different country by themselves and just never come back.

Cancer and Libra

I am going to be honest, out of the six possible couples mentioned, this might be the best one out of all of them. By the best out of all of them I mean it might be OK as long as the Cancer never finds out that the Libra is cheating. It is probably better off that they just never find out to begin with because the Libra would never take the blame even if they did get caught. If they got caught, though, it would be another story. The Cancer would be devastated. The best part about two cardinal signs in a relationship together is that they would talk about their feelings openly and honestly, right? Wrong. The Cancer would give the worst silent treatment to the Libra who actually might not even notice that they are getting one. Then the Cancer would be in their shell for the rest of their lives. But then again, this is the worst-case scenario. This is only if the Cancer finds out.

Gemini and Pisces

This one is the worst combination I can possibly think of. If this ever happens I hope that the two involved have similar Moon, Mars, or Venus placements, or else this literally might end in a murder. To start off the relationship, the Pisces would bring the Gemini flowers and the Gemini would answer the door then forget to say hi because they got distracted by something else. Then, of course, the Pisces would start crying because that is what they do. The Gemini still wouldn't be paying attention.

Taurus and Aquarius

Let's pretend that Aquarius even knows what the word "commitment" means. Taurus love to have things. They love money. They love food. They love their significant other. They love sleeping. They love lazy weekends doing nothing. Aquarius doesn't love anything, except aliens. Taurus is not the type to believe in the nonsense that an Aquarius brings to the table. Here would be a typical conversation in an Aqua-Taurus relationship.

Aquarius: Hey! I just watched a YouTube video about the flat earth theory. I know it sounds crazy, but I think it is true.

Taurus: Nope.

Aquarius: Well, I didn't think so either, but listen to…

Taurus: No.

Aquarius: Wyoming doesn't exist.

Taurus: Will you check and see if dinner is ready yet?

Aquarius: I actually ordered some sushi for us!

Taurus: I don't like sushi.

Aquarius: You've never even tried it.

Taurus: And I'm not going to.


Taurus: I love you, babe.

Then the Aquarius would get anxiety, think about breaking up with the Taurus for a long time only to finally do it six years later, then never commit to anyone again.

Aries and Capricorn

I am just going to assume that Capricorns are the only ones reading this because Aries either got too mad that they were not first for once in their life or they got bored and clicked off 15 seconds into reading. This might be the scariest pairing of them all if it even happened to begin with. There is no way that an Aries would ever be interested in a Capricorn, considering Aries live in the moment and love to get things done right away. Not to mention, they are known to want to get married about a week into the "talking" phase then ghost you once they actually get you. This is the opposite of a Capricorn. The aggressiveness of an Aries would scare them so badly that they just would not reply. Would that stop the Aries? Absolutely not. For some reason Aries thrive off of a challenge, so anyone that will give them one is a turn on for them.

Eventually, after plenty of logical thinking and deciding that the Aries might not actually be that bad, the Capricorn might end up dating the Aries. The problem here is that both of the two in the relationship would have this need to be in charge. The Capricorn would want to be in charge because they think of themselves as the best in everything and anyone who steps in their way is simply wrong. The Aries would think that the relationship is a competition. The Capricorn would quickly become exhausted by the Aries always impulsively doing random things and they would get stressed out by the Aries always ending up in the hospital because of doing stupid things like ramming their heads into walls when hammered. The Aries would just get bored. It is as simple as that. The Capricorn may get annoyed with the Aries, but once a Capricorn is committed, they are committed. Once an Aries is committed they go from being married to single.

If you are one of these signs beginning a relationship with the other, either break up now of be ready to be on "Ex On The Beach."

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