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Jacklyn Fit Speaks Out About Fitness At Rowan University

Staying fit in college isn't easy at all, but this girl boss Jacklyn Romano helps break down how to stay healthy at college and how to jump start your own successful business.

Jacklyn Fit Speaks Out About Fitness At Rowan University
Jacklyn Romano

I got to sit down and chat with junior business major Jacklyn Romano. She is mostly known for her incredible fitness journey and her super successful business called JacklynFit.

She's actually huge in south jersey, showing millennials how to stay fit, keep a healthy lifestyle and actually put yourself out there and be successful at the age of 20. I asked her some important questions that could help college students like her get back on the healthy track.

1. So, what got you into fitness?

Nowadays staying fit is kinda like a "do or die" situation. Everyone on instagram is flashing their super toned and fit bodies but not really explaining how they came to be so interested in worrying about their bodies. I wanted to know what actually got Jacklyn into this lifestyle.

J: "When I was in high school I played three sports. I literally never stopped, I played a sport every season. Junior year of high school I started working out with a close friend and I got really into it. I eventually stopped because I didn't really have the time or energy to keep going with school, sports and my social life. Finally, senior year I was introduced to a CrossFit gym by a bunch of my guy friends. I literally fell in love. From there, I quit lacrosse and decided to work out more."

I know this all to well, I feel like most high schoolers are in the best shape of their lives because they devote most of their time to sports. Once they hit college, get into the college lifestyle you kinda hit rock bottom. But, if you get yourself to go, Jacklyn said that you feel better about yourself and that its kinda like a "natural high."

2. Why Rowan University?

I wanted to dive into the fact that she chose Rowan University to be her home. So many people choose this college for various reasons. But, as a macho business owner I wanted to know how the university spoke to her.

J: "Rowan was super close to home and I love being home with my family. I wanted a college that I could go to during the week and then come home whenever I wanted. So, Rowan was pretty much the best choice for me. I also wanted a school that was really good for business majors, and luckily I got into the school. It was kinda like fate."

And actually, Jacklyn and Rowan really got along because she admitted that a lot of the things she learned in classes helped her fitness business because super successful. She used a bunch of the marketing techniques to sell her business to others (shout out to her amazing professors). She said that while at school she stayed in a single dorm, she has a lot of time to work out and think about different workouts for her friends.

She started creating her famous boot camp on her laptop and sold a bunch of her online programs. A lot of people looked on to her at the Rowan gym because they saw her recording her workouts.

3. Speaking of Rowan, what are the best places to go on campus for healthier options? 

Ah, yes Jacklyn. Help us Rowan students out here!

J: "I would say the vegan/vegetarian section in the Cafe really helped me out freshman year. But, if you're looking for banging salads, you'd want to try the salad place called 'Green Zebra' located underneath the cafe in the student center. I also have been loving Playa Bowls on Rowan Blvd!"

4. And, Where can we work out?

She said that she's usually at one of the Rowan Fitness Centers. But, this year she will be literally underneath the Fitness Center on Rowan Blvd. She said she is also making her rounds around Glassboro and spends some time at Retro Fitness Glassboro.

As a former employee at Retro Fitness Glassboro, it's safe to say that the new management is working day in and day out into making this gym into the updated, modern gym that millennials are looking for. If you're a Rowan University student they are actually offering an amazing deal (since you know, we're broke AF).

This is a 4-month membership prepay special for $109.99 which includes unlimited tanning, unlimited classes and 10% off of everything in the club. There is a $24.99 enrollment fee which is normally $49.99.

It's cool to get off campus somedays (if you have the transportation), Retro is actually only six minutes away from main campus. Check out Retro, I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

5. How do you balance a job, your mental and physical health, and school?

Jacklyn and I both found this questions to be super important. So many college students struggle to keep their shit together to even think about working out. I think Jacklyn is a huge role model for those who say that they don't have "enough time". Honestly, I'm one of those students.

She has a full-time job which she works five days of the week 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. And guys, this is just her internship. She then has to balance her online classes and her own business which she works at six days a week, personally trains three days a week and then also keeps track of her online training programs as well.

J: "It's just all about finding the time for everything. I wake up early and work out. I usually base my classes early so then I can just get things done within the day. I then do my online classes at night when I'm laying in bed. It's kinda like my relaxation time. It's hard to balance it sometimes," she says "but it's balanceable."

Do you feel like you should probably stop complaining? Because same.

6. How do you keep a social life?

Everyone in college thinks the most important thing about going away is the social life. I wanted to ask Jacklyn how exactly she goes out and hangs out with friends with such a busy schedule.

J: "There is a social life of going out and drinking, and theres a social life where you can grow out and not drink. I'm better when I'm sober, I can interact with people. Your friends are probably going to pressure you to drink, but I really just prefer to stay in and focus on what's important."

She then goes on to explain to me that too many people complain about not having enough time to stay fit. She cuts them off and says that "If you have time to go out and drink for 5 hours of your night, you have 2 hours to spare to get your body right."

7. How do you stay motivated to work out all the time?

Maybe I just asked her this question for myself, but it's still really important to know.

J: "You're doing it just for you. The natural high at the end makes you want to go back the next day and try harder. It's something kinda selfish because, like, you're doing it for you. I don't know, that's pretty much how I stay motivated. I want to be the best version of myself. "

8. What would be the best advice you could give to someone who wants to start a healthy lifestyle?

J: "NO EXCUSES. Start now and take away ALL of your excuses. If you truly want something, no matter what in your power you'll do it. You have to get rid of the people that will feed those excuses and find people that will GROW with you."

She explains that at one point in her life all she wanted to do was go out and drink and hang out with friends. When starting her fitness journey she had to realize that the lifestyle wasn't for her. She explained that "even if I was alone, I was better off and a lot happier."

You know what they say, you are who you hang out with.

9. What's your biggest setback?

Just like everyone this girl boss has a plenty of set backs. She tells me that her biggest one is mentally.

J: "Social media is the WORST. It kinda feels like if you're not going out and taking pictures with 100 friends then you're doing something wrong with your life."

But, Jacklyn, babe, you're doing everything right in life. You're taking CHARGE.

10. What are the most surprising things you've learned about crafting you own business?

J: "I learned there's people out there who give you the opportunity to change their life, but also there's so many people the will try and pull you down. In the business world, people aren't afraid to hurt you and your business but it's about being the bigger person and helping each and every person you can on your journey."

Click through this article to be hyperlinked straight to JacklynFit's instagram and get motivated to change your life just as she did. Do you need some extra help along the way? Jacklyn is always looking to get you started, you can sign up for her bootcamps in the summer here. Get to know more about Jacklyn and her fitness journey on her website.

I'd like to thank Jacklyn for taking the time out of her super busy schedule to sit down and to to us. You're super inspiring to young women around the world. I can't wait to watch you make it big someday, and I can say I interviewed you. *wink*

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