7 Quick And Simple Fitness Tips
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7 Quick And Simple Fitness Tips

Fitness tips to help keep you motivated as the year comes to an end.

7 Quick And Simple Fitness Tips

Heres some quick fitness tips to help keep you motivated and healthy going into the new year!

1. 80/20 Rule

80 percent nutrition and 20 percent physical activity.

2. Optimize Your Morning

Wake up and get it done. The morning is the best time to get up and get moving because our body is alert and you wont have to worry about fitting in your workout later.

3. Challenge yourself

Don't be afraid to switch up your routine and try something new. Change is actually very good when it comes to physical activity to keep your body from hitting a plateau.

4. Hydrate

Don't slack on the recommended six to eight ounce glasses of water you need daily. Carry around a water bottle so that it's always in hand. Water keeps you feeling full, maintains clear skin, and regulates your body.

5. Be Attentive

Don't over train and cause yourself to be too sore, eat intuitively and wisely. Listen to your body.

6. Don't Quit

Persistence is key to living out a healthy life and obtaining the body you want. Don't let a cheat meal or a missed workout knock you out of routine.

7. Monitor Your Progress

Take progress pictures, log your weight, keep an idea of your daily calorie intake, write down when you broken your max lift, and set small goals. You'll be able to see your week-to-week progression.

I find that implementing these tips help keep me focused on my goals. Its very easy to "fall off the wagon" and let life distract you from what's important. Finish this year off strong and keep working toward you're goals!

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