I love the show "Friends." I have watched it more times than I can even remember. The humor is hilarious, the character dynamic is amazing. "Friends" is just a quality show.

However, there is one thing in "Friends" that is not always quality and that is Ross Geller's hair.

Stage 1: The beginning when you feel like you actually have your life together.

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At the start of the semester, you feel like you have your entire life together. Everything is so balanced. You wrote everything down in your planner. You are going to the gym every day. You are feeling like you are on top of everything -- maybe you will even make the President's List this semester!

If you were Ross Geller, your hair would be on FLEEK.

Stage 2: Near the start of the semester when you become SUPER involved. 

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When you go to a club rush, you decide not to sign up for one or two clubs, no. You sign up for eleven clubs. ELEVEN. Why not? You need to put yourself out there, right? Mom and Dad always did say to get involved.

If you were Ross Geller, your hair would be neat and tidy. The "professional look," if you will.

Stage 3: When everything adds up and your life begins to spiral out of control. 

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You know that point, around the end of September and beginning of October, when all of your midterms are during the same week and all of those clubs that you joined are having meetings on the same day? It becomes overwhelming. You feel like your life is getting out of control.

If you were Ross Geller, your hair would be due for some re-shaping. The height and the poofiness, it is just starting to get out of control.

Stage 4: That post-midterm paradise feeling. 

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Midterms are all over. The assignments are all submitted. Now, it is party time. And by party time I mean maybe staying out until midnight, but primarily catching up on all of that sleep you missed out on during midterms.

If you were Ross Geller, it would be time to bust out the OG Ross look — afro and mustache, baby.

Stage 5: It is Thanksgiving break and you do not know how to feel. 

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Should you be excited to spend the holiday with family and friends? Or should you lock yourself in your room and study for hours and hours on end? Who knows. It is a confusing time.

If you were Ross Geller, your hair would be in a decent place of spikiness. It would be a relatively good time in your hair life.

Stage 6: When you realize that midterm season was nothing compared to what finals season is. 

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Yeah, you may have thought that midterms were difficult. Well, that was before final exams came around and you realized that getting an A or a B in a class depends on this one last test (this test that is 40% of your entire grade in the class). You are getting no sleep. You are drinking seven cups of coffee a day. Your meals consist of Goldfish and Pop-Tarts. It is total insanity.

If you were Ross Geller, your hair would be unkempt. It would be the worst it has ever been. It would be getting too long, there would be too much gel. TOO MUCH.

Stage 7: It is FINALLY Christmas break.

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Finals are finally over. You get to go home to spend time with your family, see your home friends, eat home-cooked meals, and just genuinely relax. Life is so good. Everything is so good.

If you were Ross Geller, you would hop on that #NewHairNewMe #NewYearNewMe bandwagon. Sometimes you just need a fresh start.