While watching the TV show "Friends," I have become fond of the adorable, goofy and intelligent Ross Geller. Not only is Ross hilarious, he is also a completely relatable character. Here are nine moments where Ross Geller demonstrates dealing with everyday situations:

1. Talking To Someone You Hate

We all have at least one person in our lives who we cannot stand. Somehow this is always the person who loves to brag about anything and everything in his or her life. Ross knows the civil way to respond to this obnoxious bragging.

2. Lunch

Lunchtime often brings relief to a tired soul. Whether lunch includes chatting with some friends or silent, self-reflection, good food is required. That is until someone throws away your favorite sandwich.

3. Tanning For Prom

How is it that during prom week, girls who are so pale they get compared to snow and milk suddenly become bronze goddesses? The tanning salons clearly get a lot of business during prom season. Yet, there are several cases in which girls must have counted "Mississippi" and made the same mistake as Ross.

4. English Grammar

There is a clear distinction between the contraction, "you're" and the possessive pronoun, "your" and Ross knows it.

5. Embracing Your Nerdy Side

No one is better at embracing nerdy quirks than Ross Geller.

6. Lobsters Do Exist

Known as "The Divorce Force," Ross can testify that finding the love of your life is not an easy task. You may have to have a child with a lesbian, say the wrong name at the altar during one of your weddings, sleep with another girl while on a break with your girlfriend, and more before finding the love your life. But one thing is certain, your lobster does exist.

7. Growing Up With Siblings

Ross knows all too well the struggle of growing up with a younger sibling. He understands that when a sibling is home somehow all of the food in the house always seems to disappear.

8. Being An Older Sibling

Although your siblings eat all the food, you still love them. Siblings often bicker and argue over little disagreements, but in the end, they would do anything for each other. Ross is the perfect example of a loving, protective older brother.

9. Accepting Fate

Sometimes there is no explanation.

These are just nine of my favorite, relatable Ross Geller moments. Don't worry, there are plenty more of his hilarious antics which make him the best character on the show.