'Roseanne' Being Canceled Is A Step Toward Progress, But Not Enough

'Roseanne' Being Canceled Is A Step Toward Progress, But Not Enough

Work still needs to be done to "make Hollywood great again."

On Tuesday, May 29, I received a notification on my computer that proved karma is still getting her job done. If you've been living under a rock, Roseanne Barr's rebooted TV show was canceled yesterday after her racist Twitter tirade against a former Obama adviser. Comparing Valerie Jarrett to a monkey, Barr's tweet quickly caused ABC to react and fire Roseanne from the channel.

For many, this cancellation has been a long time coming. Since the reboot first aired in March, it's done nothing but normalize Trump's own erratic, racist behavior and make unnecessary political jabs just to draw attention to itself. As I mentioned in a previous article, I had no plans on giving this reboot any support, like many others who felt it was wrong to give a woman with such alt-right, ludicrous views to continue spreading the lies that Trump has gone off about since 2016.

Although it is unfortunate that struggling writers and producers are now without jobs for the summer, I do not feel any sympathy toward Roseanne. Free speech does allow her to say all of these awful things, however, it doesn't protect her from the consequences that come as a result. Her show being canceled only proves that people are becoming more outspoken toward confronting those who now feel emboldened and empowered by Trump to spew their racist nonsense.

However, the TV industry (and Hollywood, as a whole) still has a long way to go before reaching true progress. Roseanne may now be written off of television, but what about Jeffrey Tambor- who's been accused of sexual misconduct on the set of "Transparent" yet is still allowed to return to "Arrested Development" for a new season?

Or consider Tim Allen- a fellow 90s TV star turned conservative who is also getting his show revived by a major network (a show that openly mocked Hillary Clinton's loss when it was still on in 2016 btw)? There are lots of other problematic people in Hollywood, like Roseanne, who haven't been fired from their shows yet. Therefore, it will take much more work to openly and honestly confront such issues.

And no, Roseanne's firing has nothing to do with Hollywood pushing its "liberal" agenda. It's just common sense to punish people who think it's okay to still call people of color such awful words. It's 2018, Roseanne, and people don't want to laugh at your racism anymore.

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The Best And Worst Moments Of 'The Bachelor': Season 23

Chris Harrison was right when he said this was the most dramatic season yet.


This season of "The Bachelor" definitely went down in history as one of the best. In the beginning, I wasn't sure how I'd feel about Colton being the Bachelor because, just like the rest of America, I had mixed feelings about him. After his breakup with Becca on "The Bachelorette," and an on-and-off relationship with Tia, Colton found his way back to the Bachelor mansion once again, but this time as the leading man.

There were ups and downs, just like every season, but after the finale, I realized that Colton was one of the best Bachelors of the entire franchise. He was right up there with Bachelor number 22, Ben Higgins. He spoke from his heart and it was easy to tell just how hard he fell for some of these women.

Chris Harrison was right when he said this was going to be the most dramatic season yet. Here are the best and worst moments of the entire season. I'm already missing Colton's shower scenes.

1. Worst: The Constant Virginity Jokes

Demi Virgin joke Gif

ABC was seriously milking this.

2. Best: Any time Colton was in the shower.

Colton Shower Gif

Hottest Bachelor ever? The answer is yes.

3. Worst: The Sloth Girl

Sloth Girl Gif

This was so painful to watch.

4. Best: Colton sending home Onyeka and Nicole together.

Colton Reject Gif

Their drama was petty AF and Colton was not having it. Respect.

5. Worst: Demi getting the boot.

demi funny gif

So sad to see my girl put herself out there and get shot down.

6. Best: Demi's personality

demi treasure

Everything that came out of her mouth was hilarious. Can't wait to see her thrive in paradise.

7. Worst: "Roll Tide"

Hannah B Roll Tide

Hannah B's one-on-one date was so cringing. Her season as the Bachelorette is going to be very interesting.

8. Best: Caelynn talking about her past.

Caelynn and Colton

This brave girl shared her story about sexual assault, and it was a moment so much bigger than the show.

9. Worst: None of Colton's hot friends making guest appearances.

Blake, Jason, Colton

I'm talking about Blake and Jason. What a crew.

10. Best: Heather finally getting her first kiss.

Heather Bachelor

When they changed her "Never Been Kissed" title to "Has Been Kissed." Good one, ABC.

11. Worst: Hannah Beast

Hannah Beast

I am really hoping Hannah Beast stays in her cage for "The Bachelorette."

12. Best: Getting a new "Bachelor" recap guy, Daniel Miramontes.

Demi Daniel Facetime

This hilarious guy was made Twitter famous by Bachelor Nation because of his hilarious recaps of the show. He even got to Facetime Demi and was invited to the "Women Tell All." Check him out! @dmiramontes_

13. Worst: Chris Harrison's screen time was NON-EXISTENT.

Chris Harrison

The past few seasons of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" have been lacking the best host in the world and I am super salty about it.

14. Best: Seeing Colton scream like a girl when skydiving with Tayshia.

Colton Skydive Gif

Too damn funny.

15. Worst: When Cassie broke up with Colton.

Colton Cassie gif

Watching Colton shake from hearing that Cassie was choosing to leave was painful to watch. I am still in shock that he told her he wants to pick her when there were still two other women there.


Bachelor Fence Jump

Waited all season for this and it was totally worth it.

17. Worst: When Colton broke up with Hannah G.

Hannah G gif

My heart seriously broke for her, especially seeing how sad she still was at "After the Final Rose."

18. Best: Seeing Colton fight for love.

Colton love Gif

He broke Bachelor rules and made history by going after Cassie. I'm happy the two ended up together in the end.

19. Worst: Not seeing Colton on my TV screen every Monday night.

Colton wave gif

I can't get that smile out of my head.

Another season down, and it was one for the books. Colton, I miss you and your handsomeness already.

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8. "Sorry"

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11. "Hey Baby"

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