9 Inspiring Rory Gilmore Quotes to Ace Your Finals Season and Boost Your Study Motivation
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9 Rory Gilmore Quotes That Explain Your Life During Finals Season

"Who cares if I'm pretty if I fail my finals?"

Rory Gilmore

Quick-witted and insanely smart, Rory Gilmore has a track record for memorable, relevant quotes that have become a part of fans’ repertoires. With it being finals season, many of Rory’s words can be conveniently interpreted to reflect life during the last weeks of the semester. Here are some of Rory’s wisest words that explain your life during finals season.

"Who cares if I'm pretty if I fail my finals?"

Who cares if I'm pretty if I fail my finals?

Gone are the days of actually trying to look decent when going out in public. Now you’re heading to the library in workout shorts and an old t-shirt with your hair in a messy bun. School first, fashion second.

“My books look sad. Can books look sad?”

My books look sad. Can books look sad?

Yes, all of your textbooks will look very depressed…if you don’t open them. Crack those books and get studying! You wouldn’t want your books to be sad now, would you?

“College is not just a crazy, wild, sleep-deprived, hedonistic society!”

College is not just a crazy, wild, sleep-deprived, hedonistic society!

Actually, it is. Emphasis on the sleep-deprived.

“I’ve now used the word ‘suck’ so much that it’s lost all meaning to me.”

I\u2019ve now used the word \u2018suck\u2019 so much that it\u2019s lost all meaning to me.

And you’ve probably used it about your final term paper or your ability to stay focused on studying for more than five minutes at a time.

“I cannot do this alone. I need my mommy and I don’t care who knows it.”

Lorelai and Rory hugging

It’s okay, we all turn into needy children during finals season.

“A ‘D’ at Stars Hollow High is like an ‘F’ at Chilton. It’s worse. It’s like a ‘G’…or a ‘W’.”

Rory dropping backpacks

You’re basically accepting that there is a class or two in which you might just get a grade that comes after the letter ‘F’. You tried.

“A little nervous breakdown can really work wonders for a girl.”

I love coffee!

A nervous breakdown doubles as an excellent study break!

“Can’t you shut up for five seconds, please? Thank you.”

I really do hate everyone today, including myself.

Your response when your friends start daydreaming aloud about the imminent summer. Or your friends’ response to you when you procrastinate studying by rambling on about who knows what.

“I can’t finish all this and sleep at the same time."

I can\u2019t finish all this and sleep at the same time.

It may seem like you can’t finish, but trust me. You can. And you will. Every difficult task eventually gets completed. And even if you’re seriously lacking some sleep, you have an entire summer ahead of you to make up for it.

As difficult as finals season is, and as much as these Rory quotes can relate to your life at this time, it’s important to stay motivated and focused on finishing the semester. Remember that summer is right around the corner. Besides, if you’re ever feeling in need of some motivation as you push through finals season, just ask yourself: WWRGD. (What would Rory Gilmore do?) I think you know the answer.

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