Surviving Finals Like Rory Gilmore Involves Late Night Study Sessions And A Lot Of Coffee
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Surviving Finals Like Rory Gilmore Involves Late Night Study Sessions And A Lot Of Coffee

For when you'd rather be in Stars Hollow drinking coffee at Luke's Diner.

Surviving Finals Like Rory Gilmore Involves Late Night Study Sessions And A Lot Of Coffee

Finals week is upon us! For all of us, it's a week full of cramming the information we've been learning this semester into our minds for exams, revising essays until three in the morning, and trying to get our schedules together so that we can meet up with our project groups one last time to finalize our presentations.

It's a week full of stressful moments, exhausting moments, and moments of drinking gallons of coffee. No one understands this struggle better than Rory Gilmore. An extremely motivated student, Rory is no stranger all the hard work which goes into preparing for finals.

As for the second half of the Gilmore Girls, Lorelai, she completely and totally understands the necessity of a good cup of coffee (Or ten. It's your call). Here are some moments when their reactions to something like finals week have been just like our own.

When you've been rocking the same messy bun, sweatpants, and no-makeup look for the past three days.

We have all been in this position. We barely have time to get a full night of sleep, let alone put on full makeup and style our hair! For the next few days, it's more important to focus on turning in all of those assignments on time and acing your exams. Your GPA will thank you later.

When your family and friends ask what you have planned for the week.

"Sorry, I can't hang out tonight. I have two exams, three benchmark papers, and a presentation all due next week that I have to prep for."

I've said this to my friends, and my friends have said this to me on numerous occasions, especially during finals. Not being able to hang out with friends all the time is one of the sad realities of finals week. Sometimes you have to tend to your responsibilities and sacrifice a little bit of fun in order to accomplish all the goals that you set for finals. Don't worry though, it will all pay off in the end!

When all you want to do is just eat junk food and watch movies

Sometimes, the stress of finals week can just be too much, and the only thing that can fix it is wrapping yourself up in a blanket, eating tons of chocolate, and watching some silly movies. And that's totally okay! A study break is perfectly fine every now and then. It's the perfect way to de-stress from long hours of staring at your notes.

When you cram all your assignments in one night and the fear of the deadlines sets in

Nothing motivates a person quite like the fear of an impending deadline. The panic seems to pulse adrenaline through your body and propels you towards finishing those last essays in record time. Nothing else matters in these moments except for getting those papers in on time!

When you need to call your mom and just vent

Calling your mom to vent is so important during finals week. I have spent many hours talking to my mom on the phone either just crying or telling her how frustrated I am with all my exams and projects. Moms have the uncanny ability to always know exactly what to say, whether that's comforting words of encouragement or a swift kick in the rear to get your head back into the game.

Plus, it's always nice and calming having a heart-to-heart conversation with one of the people you love most, especially during a week as stressful as this one.

And, of course, when you need coffee


And lots

Of coffee

It's the drink of champions! Coffee is an essential ingredient to having a successful finals week. There's going to be a lot of sleepless nights ahead, but, luckily, coffee is always there for you to help you stay awake and survive the day.

Whether you drink it hot or iced, with whipped cream and sugar or straight, coffee is guaranteed to be the fuel which will drive you to the finish line of this week. Drink as much as you want and keep on going!

Going into finals week, it's super important to remember to keep a good sense of humor, just like Lorelai and Rory. The study sessions are endless and the assignments seem to pile up, but with a little bit of motivation, confidence, and coffee, you can ace your finals and finish strong! I believe in you!

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