This Is How Your Roommates Will Make Or Break You
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This Is How Your Roommates Will Make Or Break You

Choose wisely, or you'll be stuck with someone you can't stand for 12 months.

This Is How Your Roommates Will Make Or Break You

Initially, one would assume that choosing roommates is a simple feat: find someone you like and sign a lease with them. If you've actually had roommates, you're probably laughing right now because everyone wishes it was that easy. You either realize that you've made the best possible decision or spend 12 months trying to keep from snapping on them every five seconds. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the best and worst things a roommate can do!!

Make: Your roommate(s) clean up after themselves, do their own dishes, and even help up cleaning with all chores around the apartment/dorm room.

Break: Never helps cleaning, their dishes just sit in the sink, and you end up cleaning the whole apartment by yourself, taking time out of your day.

Make: When an issue does come up, you have a little roomie meeting and decide how you want to resolve it. You each compromise and walk away happy.

Break: Rather than issues being confronted, they're subtly hinted on social media platforms. Then, when you see one another in person, or if asked, she will never actually answer what exactly was meant by her shady post.

Make: You have fun nights (planned or unplanned) where you drink, have dinner, or watch movies. They sometimes don't happen as often as you'd like because life has a way of preventing that, but the fact that they do bring the dun stereotype of roommates to life in the best way.

Break: You only see your roommate when she comes to grab something she needs for while she's at her boyfriends or with her friends, who you never get an invite to hang out with.

Make: You can leave your stuff in the common area without a care in the world because your roommate and her friends are as trustworthy as they come.

Break:Your room is littered with things that would look loads better in the living room, but you can't seem to risk putting around your clepto roommate or her sketchy friends.

Make: Your roommate makes sure you don't need to throw laundry in before hogging the washer and dryer.

Break: You haven't done laundry in a couple days, but now you've found the chance. But, it just so happens your roommate made sure to not even bother asking you if you needed it, and just went ahead and did it anyway.

Make: You know which food is yours and which isn't because you have a brain.

Break: You bake cookies for work the next morning, but upon waking, they have disappeared. Nothing is safe. Time to make your closet a pantry and invest in a mini fridge.

Make: Problems are easily resolved. Their pet has an accident? No biggie, you clean it and let them know later, just so it doesn't seep into the carpet anymore.

Break: Petty gestures are the form of problem solving most often used. "I'm just going to leave because your pet had an accident in front of the washer and I needed to do laundry."

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