To The Roommates That Became My Best Friends, Thank You
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To The Roommates That Became My Best Friends, Thank You

We all have the typical college roommate stories, mine just happened to end with life-long friends.

To The Roommates That Became My Best Friends, Thank You
Meara Walsh

Unlike some, I was one of the students who enjoyed high school. I was a cheerleader, enjoyed my classes, participated in theater productions, joined many clubs, and had multiple friend groups. My goal going into college was to never change who I was despite the environmental changes. I was going to stay involved, meet tons of new friends, create strong bonds with my professors, and never turn away an opportunity to experience life as a college kid. While I succeeded in accomplishing these goals thus far, it should not be assumed that it was easy to get here.

In my first year of college, I made the best decision to become roommates with one of my friends from high school. Life was great throughout my freshman year. I made mistakes that turned into valuable lessons. I joined my sorority and became immersed in everything that my major had to offer. I met people on my floor that made the dorm feel like home. My roommate and I were the only pair to never get into arguments, rather we took on the college experience as a team. Even though she ended up joining a different sorority, I believe that this made us closer. We were able to be individual sorority women but still participate in similar activities. It was not just high points all the time — I will be the first to admit that it was difficult to adjust to the adult lifestyle of being responsible for myself.

I decided to live in my sorority house during my sophomore year, where I roomed with two other sorority sisters — a close friend from the prior year and another friend became closer with throughout my time in the house. No matter what anyone tries to convince you of, it is nerve-wracking to walk into a house of 40 sorority women, expecting to live cohesively together after meeting one another less than a year beforehand. Friendships blossomed because there was always someone to hang out with or vent to when you had a hard day. Personally, I am the type that adjusts to who I am around by becoming more outgoing after spending a fair amount of time with them. However, it took me longer to open up to the girls in the house. I did not find anywhere that I could fit in when it was time to sign a lease for the next year. I did have plans to live with a sorority sister and her friend at a renovated house near campus; I spent the majority of my time at this house as I became close with them throughout the school year. As time went on, I had a change of heart — I wanted to live in an apartment which meant I was on a mission to find roommates that I would fit in with.

When summer came around, I knew my priority was to find a nicer apartment at a decent price but, most importantly, find roommates that I would become close with. I kept my eye out for Facebook posts that suited what I was looking for. One of my current roommates made a post about needing one more roommate at their apartment right on campus. It turned out that all of the girls were members of Greek Life as well. After touring the apartment, I decided it was perfect — I couldn't wait to move in. But, making my "first apartment" purchases made me nervous that I wouldn't fit in with the girls; after all, they were in a different sorority and had their own friend groups.

I was finally able to meet all of my roommates together when I officially moved into my room at the beginning of the year. I got to know their friends and sorority sisters. All of my worries dissolved after meeting everyone as they welcomed me with open arms and treated me as if I had been friends with them forever. But, I did still have something to worry about. With my birthday landing around the first day of school every year, I was nervous because I was unsure if they would feel comfortable celebrating my birthday — we all had just met. I went out by myself to get a cake and balloons to share with the friends who I thought would have never missed my special day. Luckily, my roommates came through to celebrate with me. This was the moment when I realized I found my true friends.

Replying to my roommate's post was one of the best decisions I have made yet.

To this day, I am forever grateful to have some of the most kind-hearted, selfless, and beautiful-souled girls that I never knew existed here in college. From the constant laughs to the venting sessions, I know I have found my forever friends.

Here's my advice to anyone who might feel lonely in college: believe that everything happens for a reason. The second you stand by that, the closer you will become to finding those friends that allow you to grow, support one another, and realize how college is supposed to be.

To the roommates that became my best friends: I'm forever grateful.

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