If you're like me and my friends, it's always a struggle to find something to watch on TV. I've taken it upon myself to create this giant list of movies and shows that all your roommates will be sure to enjoy. Straight from the couch of my apartment, here are the top things to watch with your roommates this semester:

1.  Alex Strangelove

Heartfelt, feel-good movie that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

2.  To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Needs no introduction.

3.  Ibiza

The ultimate best-friend adventure story.

4.  Spectacular Now

5.  DUDE

A hilarious movie that every group of friends can relate to.

6.  Her

7.  Shameless

So bad, but SO good.

8.  Adventureland

9.  Queer Eye

10.  End of the F***ing World

Where is Season 2??????

11.  Black Mirror

Don't watch this before going to bed; it will mess with your mind.

12.  Mamma Mia

13.  John Mulaney - The Comeback Kid

14.  Bo Burnham - what.

GUARANTEED to make everyone laugh out loud.

15.  Girl Boss

16.  Room

17.  When We First Met

18.  The Kissing Booth

Absolutely cheesy and absolutely worth it.

19.  The First Time

20.  New Girl

21.  Coco

Get ready for some waterworks.

22.  Dynasty

23.  The Carrie Diaries

24.  GLOW

We love girl power!!!

25.  Candy Jar

26.  Heathers

27.  Spring Breakers

28.  The Fundamentals of Caring

This movie will make you feel all the feels.

29.  Charlie St. Cloud

30.  Rent

A classic.

31.  Steel Magnolias

32.  The Crown

33.  Sydney White

34.  Riverdale

35.  The Breakfast Club

Your mom would be proud of you for watching this throwback. Also, John Bender = HUNK.