Leaving for break is never easy when you have a roommate that you are close with. It’s sort of crazy and in a way, fate, that you and your roomie ended up together. Forced to live together, but bonding over the weird, obnoxious, random, funny things you do together.

My roommate became one of my close friends who I trust and can go to with anything, and with a college break, you already know we are texting each other every single life update. Sort of like a play-by-play of a football game, but it’s a week long.

A text cannot simply substitute for the hang outs and the random adventures, so here are 14 things I miss about my roommate while we are on break.

1. Saying “Good morning!” to each other in the most obnoxious way

2. Going to the gym together

3. Morning motivational speeches. “Make new friends. Learn new things.”

4. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome back from class!

5. Boy talk. And I mean real boy talk to the point where we are playing charades acting out the whole story line.

6. Sending each other a video on Facebook (because we are across the room, duh.), then looking at each other dying laughing.

7. The laughs. Even if they’re fake, they turn real.

8. Breaking rules. Ok, so we lit a candle. Watch out, we got crazy today!

9. Coffee dates.

10. Getting ready together in the mornings. I don’t have my go to gal to tell me my hair and makeup look OK, and I have to pick out my outfits alone…

11. Random bursts of energy.

12. References to random TV shows. “OMG he is totally Schmidt from New Girl.”

13. Grabbing dinner together.

14. Surprises. Whether it’s cleaning each other’s dishes or getting chocolate for one another, there is always something random we do to make each other’s day.