I Didn't Room With My High School Best Friend In College
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I Didn't Room With My High School Best Friend In College

It was the best decision we ever made.

I Didn't Room With My High School Best Friend In College

When I found out my best friend from high school was going to the same college as me, I was over the moon. I wouldn't have to say any tearful goodbyes or worry about keeping in touch.

We would both be living on campus! She would live closer to me at our university than she does while at home. So, of course, the question came up: should we be roommates?

Of course, our initial reaction was, "YES, IT WILL BE LIKE A SLEEPOVER EVERY NIGHT!"

This would guarantee that we would see each other every single day of freshman year, no matter what. We already knew the habits we both had, and we've had sleepovers before. What would make college any different?

Then I spoke to a friend of mine who already attended the same university I would be going to. His biggest piece of advice was, "Do NOT room with your best friend." He had an awful experience and had the same mindset I did while going to college.

You don't truly know someone until you've lived with them. The situation had been so bad that they still are not speaking to each other. This was the last thing that I would ever want for myself and my best friend.

I discussed it all with her, and we both came to the conclusion that we wouldn't live together for our first year. This would give us the chance to spread our wings, meet new people, and find ourselves. Our majors are similar anyway, so it's not like we would never see each other.

As graduation and move-in day came closer, we grew more excited, found our roommates, and had our room assignments. Turns out, we would be living right down the hall from each other.

We ended up having the time of our lives during our first year. We were close enough to each other that if we needed company, we were just down the hall.

At the same time, it was just enough space to develop separately and grow our friendship in a new way. Not to mention that our roommates were pretty awesome and we all got along.

My freshman roommate is now best friends with my high school best friend, and the three of us are living together next semester with one other friend. We will have our own separate rooms but share a living space together.

I am so glad that we made this decision. If my best friend and I lived with each other freshman year, who knows what would have happened? We have both grown, met so many people, and started a big friend group of our own. I can't wait to start this next chapter with her.

I love ya, Alex.

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