7 Ways I Try to Be a Role Model for My 7-Year-Old Self

7 Ways I Try to Be a Role Model for My 7-Year-Old Self

Because living out my dreams means living out hers.

Emily Farrell

I've always loved plans. Even at just seven years old, I had my entire life planned out. I wanted to go to college somewhere in California so I could study on the beach everyday, become a pop singer, dye my hair blonde, meet a cute surfer boy with and marry him, and stay on the west coast and never look back (in case this sounds like something out of a Hannah Montana episode, it is).

I guess you could say my former self wouldn't be too proud of my life choices now. I opted for a school much closer to home, learned that my singing voice (or lack thereof) wouldn't get me very far, and fell in love with a boy a few towns away from my hometown. I'll probably never never be Hannah Montana, and I certainly have no talent when it comes to surfing, but I like to think I can still make that little girl with big dreams proud of the person I am today.

1. Keep your promises

As a girl scout since I was young, I have always believed in keeping your promises. It can get difficult to keep a commitment to someone when life gets crazy, but keeping your promises shows that you care about someone and respect them. I might not wear the Daisy Scout vest anymore, but I still believe that "The Girl Scout Law" is something we should all live by.

2. Be adventurous 

I have always loved adventures, even if it was just me and my friends posing in front of a random rock wall in the woods! Nature has so many hidden treasures, and I think a lot of us neglect to look for them once we get older. I especially loved going camping as a kid and just discovering new things in the world around me.

3. Enjoy your birthday

I was lucky enough to be born on St. Patrick's Day, which allows me to celebrate my Irish heritage along with my birthday. People tend to dread their birthdays as they get older, butI believe it's just another reason to celebrate! I have always loved my birthday being on a holiday, and I know younger me would want me to always celebrate and make the most of it.

4. Be goofy

One of my favorite things about my younger self is how outgoing I was. I didn't care what other people thought of me, and I did whatever made me happy (including putting slime all over my face!). I wish I could be more like this sometimes, because life is too short not to be goofy!

5. Eat that extra slice of cake

Or rice krispie treat. Either way, don't be afraid to eat just because everyone else is on "diets". It's important to eat healthy, but don't torture yourself! Just like when I was 7, I love sugar and can't resist a sweet dessert when I get the chance!

6. Be creative

My sister and I LOVED arts and crafts as kids. My mom admits to stocking our playroom with art supplies just to get a little peace and quiet (I don't blame her!), and that certainly gave me the creative edge I have today! I always try to personalize things and make them my own, because seven year old me believed that you could NEVER have enough glitter or too many colors.

7. Keep your family close

As one of the youngest on both sides of my family, I have looked up to all of my older cousins for as long as I can remember. They still serve as role models to me, but now I know that they're my friends too! As my parents have always told me, "Friends are temporary, but family is forever". Even when they drive me crazy, I wouldn't trade my family for the world.

P.S. Don't forget chapstick!

Not a super inspirational life lesson, but still important!!! I never travel without a chapstick (or 2...or 5).

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