Watching this movie has been a Halloween tradition with my friends and I for years and honestly everyone needs to experience the thrill that is this film.

1) Tim Curry

An absolutely fabulous rendition of everyone's favorite "Sweet Transvestite". A complete madman but we love how he always leaves the audience waiting with antici-...


2) It's ridiculously weird in the best way

It still has those typical Halloween themes (A couple has car problems in the middle of a thunderstorm and needs a phone and place to stay to the night, with the only option being a large, creepy house), but it also has aliens and some great drag makeup. The overall movie is just weird, but in an extremely well-done way.

3) It's not overplayed

There are Halloween classics like the Nightmare Before Christmas and BeetleJuice that are FANTASTIC movies, however sometimes I want something a little different. Most people don't watch Rocky Horror as regularly as those equally great movies, but it has a spooky, comedic, and energetic vibe that just can't be matched. It brings some fun contrast to the other Halloween classics.

4) The Album

Time Warp! Sweet Transvestite! Dammit Janet! There's really just not a bad song on this album.