Robocraft: Infinity is a robot building game brought to us by Freejam Games. The game has a great concept; build yourself a robot and use it to fight other people's robots in a frantic deathmatch. Having a great concept is the first step to making a great game, but the execution of that concept is eahhhhhh at best.

The big centerpiece of the game is building your own robot. To Freejam's credit, they did do a good job of providing the tools to create awesome robots. There are lots of movement options that work most of the time, the wings option is glitchy and seems to work off of sheer force of will. Lots of blaster options, but you're most likely going to default to the grenade launcher thing that has a massive range and a blast radius to match. There is really only one way that they could mess this system up, and that's with lootboxes. Guess what Robocraft has plenty of. Go ahead I'll wait.

You got it lootboxes. They do take a different approach to the whole lootbox thing though. Instead of giving you one every once in awhile like other games, Robocraft hands them out like its Oprah friggin Winfrey. Just got out of a match? You get a lootbox. Just leveled up once? And you get a lootbox. Just sat in the robot editor for 20 minutes trying to figure out what new robot you can build? Everybody gets a lootbox. That's right you can just sit in the robot editor and it will eventually give you a lootbox. The system as a whole is odd, they hide most of the content behind lootboxes, but they give you a lootbox every third word so I'm not sure if those cancel each other out.

The combat is pretty fun. That being said there is something that is a problem. The damage system in this game works differently than other games, and they don't tell you that. When you get hit, the area that takes the damage is destroyed. Say you want a plane robot that specializes in carpet bombing. If you get shot in the wing enough you will go down like a fat kid on a seesaw. It's kinda humiliating to have that happen and be forced to sit there while you wait for your health to come back, so your wing will magically regrow itself.

All in all, the game has fun combat that can be annoying if you build your robot wrong. The robot editor is intuitive enough to actually build robots, but most of the pieces are hidden behind lootboxes they give out every 4th breath. It's not a bad game but not a great one either. If you have $60 just sitting around and nothing better to do, this game will kill time. Besides that, I'd say hold off on this Lego meets lootboxes game.