My Roanoke Nightmare

American Horror Story has been my favorite television show since it first aired in 2011, but this past season that just ended in November is probably my least favorite. Season one through season five generally had anywhere from twelve to thirteen episodes while season six only had ten episodes.

Season six theme dealt with the lost colony of Roanoke. While the first six episodes were documentary based and called "My Roanoke Nightmare," episodes seven through nine were about the characters returning to the Roanoke house and it was titled "Three Days in Hell." The last episode had a lot happen, they brought in Lana Winters from season three Coven tying season three to season six, and out of the two survivors that made it to the season finale only one survived. They also brought in spirit chasers for the house.

Now, a couple weeks ago when only three episodes of this season had aired, I wrote an article stating that I already wasn't a fan of this season but I stuck it out and watched the whole season. Needless to say, I could've done without it and here's why:

I'm not a big documentary type person and that's how the first six episodes were. It's unlike anything American Horror Story has ever done. As well as doing a documentary type of season, the iconic opening credits were done away with, the eerie music and everything just gone. Let's talk about Evan Petters. They killed his character off not once, but twice. They killed off who he wasn't dramatizing and then the actual character he was for this season. Let's talk abut Lee. For the longest time she denied killing her husband until about the eighth or ninth episode. Then when she was put on trial for the murder of her husband, she was found not quilty for any of the crimes she committed even though they had video evidence of her committing murders of the people in the house and her admitting she had in fact killed her husband. While both her and her daughter survived until the tenth episode, her daughter Flora wanted to die to protect the ghost Priscilla from the butcher. Lee wouldn't allow it so she killed herself inorder to take Flora's place and protect Priscilla. Why Priscilla, a ghost, needed protected from the butcher who was also a ghost is beyond me.

Before I watched this season, I was excited that they were using Roanoke as the theme since it was mentioned in season one, Murder House and then they tied season tree to season six as well. But I feel as if though they could've done it how they originally do their seasons and I would've liked it better. I just feel like there are so many unanswered questions, and I just wasn't a fan.

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