This past week was so much fun. I went camping with two of my closest friends, and I loved every single moment with them. We went hiking and we went exploring and it was so much fun. We took a small camper with us, but it was just enough room for just three of us. We went camping in a national park. Everyone was so nice! These are 13 things that we did.

1. We made our own food with a fire, which was so good!

2. We went hiking and saw beautiful falls.

3. We made a fire on our own (which I had never done).

4. We also went and saw the Ministers Treehouse from a distance because it is shut down. :(

5. We spent time together and we had so much fun!

6. We learned how to put up a scamp camper!

7. We went on a trip that we planned and paid for (kind of).

8. We had so much fun!

9. We really learned a lot about ourselves.

10. We jammed out to a bunch of different music on the way there and back. And of course during our trip!

11. We took my friend's dog Ritz who is the sweetest thing in the world.

12. We went swimming.

13. This trip really taught us a lot. And we can't wait to go on another one!

We had so much fun, and we can't wait to go to a new place and be together again!