Your Inner Season Three 'Riverdale' Character Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your Inner Season Three 'Riverdale' Character Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Who should you be rooting for next?


With "Riverdale" just recently getting approved for a fourth season, we might as well take a look into our signs and see which character we should be rooting for next.

Aries: Cheryl Blossom

Not only is your spirit color red, but Aries' fiery personas love to make anything into a competition. Like Cheryl, you're straightforward and will almost always say what's on your mind. In regards to romance, Aries will never let anything or anyone come between them and the one they love. #choni for life.

Taurus: Betty Cooper

Although Taureans are associated with the stubborn bull, your stubbornness can sometimes come in handy. It means you will persist until you achieve your goals and that you're not one to give up easily. Like Betty, you care endlessly about your friends and will always be there for them. Taureans also value honesty above anything.

Gemini: Jughead Jones

Geminis lead their lives with optimism and curiosity. Despite typically being labeled as "two-faced," Geminis take this twin association as being able to look at the world in different perspectives. You and Jughead do not typically go out of your way to look for adventure, but it somehow always finds its way to you.

Cancer: Hermione Lodge

Seemingly stoic on the surface, Cancers are constantly dealing with lots of conflicting inner emotions. Almost overly loyal, Cancers are easy to fall in love and stay in love… even when it isn't the best thing for them. However, your strength helps you to persevere and allows you to always bounce back, almost immediately, from hardships.

Leo: Archie Andrews

As the fire sign, Leos are ready to bring justice to their community. Being quite hardworking and very hands-on, you and Archie know how to get a job done. You'll either be the first to criticize yourselves or be way too overconfident in your abilities- there's no in between.

Virgo: Fred Andrews

Virgos and their kind souls are never ones to complain about completing a job. For you and Fred, family comes first, and this is evident in everything you do. Virgos are very compassionate and will always give great advice. Striving to improve themselves, Virgos are humble about their strengths but are not overly critical of themselves.

Libra: Kevin Keller

Libras find strength in harmony. You value strong friendships and strive to have peace within your community. Never ones to start conflict, Libras will only jump into a fight if their friends/loved ones are in danger. One of the more responsible signs, Libras make for great leaders but do not always take on the role.

Scorpio: Veronica Lodge

Scorpios have an edge to them. They're confident in themselves and will never settle for losing an argument. Eyes are drawn to you everywhere you roam, even if you aren't wearing a shiny pearl necklace. Although seemingly intimidating, Scorpios are not mean in any sense. The havoc that they cause is just them working hard to bring good into the world.

Sagittarius: Toni Topaz

Sagittarii are independent and not afraid to leave their packs and go their own way. Like Toni, you're adventurous and love to live on the wild side. Sagittarii will always have your back and be completely open and honest with you.

Capricorn: Hiram Lodge

It is no surprise that Capricorns, like Hiram, love to take control of every situation. Their intelligence truly shines through when put to accomplish a task, and they will always strive for success. You and Hiram are sometimes conniving, but will always put up a friendly front.

Aquarius: Alice Cooper

Aquarians are the youthful souls always looking for ways to rejuvenate. Whether that means treating yourself to a spa day …or getting a "fresh start" to a new a life on a farm… you and Alice love finding new ways to add more depth and value to your lives.

Pisces: Josie McCoy

Like Josie, Pisces are creative and innovative, yet not super outspoken. They're proud of their own strengths but are also the first to compliment others and lend a helping hand. Overall, you Pisces are sweet and soft, with a little spark of fire inside.

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