Dear Fellow Rising Senior,

This is it. Your last summer of undergrad, or possibly even your last free summer. The last three years have flown by, and you'll be graduating before you even know it—hopefully with memories of being around great friends, learning a lot in your classes, and moments of laughter and happiness on campus.

Since the next year is going to fly by, take your time to reflect. We all remember our last senior year... when we finally graduated high school after what seemed like forever. But time started to get away from us, and we lost friendships over the years and some of us changed a lot, not always in a bad way. Reflect on who you want to spend this last year with, the experiences you want to have, or the new things you want to try because we won't get this time back. We have to make the most of it.

But also remember not to lose sight of who you are. This is the year we plan for what comes after college. Whether it be a career, a family, graduate school, or all of the above. We spent the last three years finding ourselves, so we can now become the best version of ourselves when we enter the "real world." Who is that going to be? We must remember our morals, values, and the people who matter most to us, no matter what path we end up taking in life.

While we are planning, we must keep a certain balance of also staying in the moment. Like I said earlier, time gets away pretty quickly. Especially, when you look forward to things like graduation. Enjoy each day, each moment, each milestone, and class. See your friends every day, and form lasting relationships with mentors and professors. Your time is now.

This time next year we would have graduated, so make the most of this upcoming year.


A Fellow Rising Senior