5 Ridiculous Questions Atheists Get That Annoy Us More Than People Know
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5 Ridiculous Questions Atheists Get That Annoy Us More Than People Know

There are a lot of questions that religious people ask me about atheism, but these five annoy me so, so much.

5 Ridiculous Questions Atheists Get That Annoy Us More Than People Know

America is one of the most religious countries in the developed world. As someone who's atheist from birth and currently living in the South, I'm asked a lot of questions that make me wonder, "Wow, is that really what people think of me as an atheist?" And it really does annoy me how naive some people can be. So, in the spirit of understanding, I've decided to clarify the confusion that some people have about me and atheism. I must note, however, that not all atheists are the same so I can only speak from my perspective.

1. Where do your morals come from?

This one is the most common, and it's also the one that annoys me most. Most times, it's a self-righteous Christian who asks me this question, and it really shocks me if people really believe it. I'm not a sociopath. I'm human. I can feel emotions, and I have empathy. I have a moral compass based on my experiences in the world, my emotions, my parents and most importantly, some basic principles of humanity. These include the fact that killing people is wrong, and raping people is wrong. So I ask you, religious people who ask me this question, if there is nothing telling you how to "be moral," would you become an animalistic, violent being who goes around killing people? If the only reason you don't murder someone is because your religious text says so, then I think we have a serious problem.

2. Why are you so belligerent? Why do you hate God and religious people?

Where did this come from? Have I done something that would make you think this? I don't hate religious people. I try to be loving and kind to everybody (back to that morals topic). I just don't happen to believe in a god. Just because I disagree with you about religion doesn't mean that I hate you. People can have different opinions without hating each other. You do know that, right?

3. Are you a communist?

Again, where does the connection come from? Is it because I'm also Chinese? Is it from the stereotype of " The Godless Communist," the comic from the 1950s? A time when segregation was in place and when women were treated as second-class citizens? Yeah, what a great, reputable source for facts about atheism. So for the record, not all atheists are communists! Are there some atheists who are communists? Definitely, but there are also religious people who are communists. To the people who have asked me, why does it matter? Maybe I am; maybe I'm not.

4. You can't prove God doesn't exist.

Yes, you are absolutely right. I can't prove that God doesn't exist, but on the other hand, you also can't prove that one does exist. Enough said. The burden of proof shouldn't lie on my shoulders. Humans are born not believing in a god, so why do I need to prove it?

5. How do you explain everything?

This one is actually a good debate question. And my answer is simple science. Science created everything. "But what about what science can't explain?" you ask. Well, my response would be that for millennium people who haven't been able to explain a natural phenomenon, they have turned to God. Why does the Nile flood at regular intervals? It must be God! Now we know it has to do with atmospheric and salinity differences. We're just falling back into this cycle of believing something we don't understand is God and then realizing it as science. So, while we might not understand some concepts in science right now – and it may seem easy to turn to god – I strongly believe that we will one day have a scientific explanation.

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