If you read the title and thought, "who the heck is Richie," this means one of two things. You either don't go to Temple University or you're living under a rock and need to find your way to him... like now.

Richie's is a small food stand off of 12th Street, located on the row of stands beside the Tech. Richie has a huge menu, ranging from 24/7 breakfast, wraps, cheesesteaks, and some of the best iced coffee you will ever have. If you're searching for it, all you got to do is look for the food stand that has line that stretches out into the street. Yes, it's that good.

As a Temple student, Richie's is the reason we get up in the morning. The reason our Diamond Dollars hit zero so fast. The reason our bad days turn to good. Richie's will have a place in our hearts forever, even after we graduate. Richie's is the best part of Temple University, the heart of Temple if you will. There's no arguing this fact.

1. The iced coffee, though.

Emily Gigliotti

This coffee has to have something in it that makes it so addicting. Richie, I don't know how you do it, but tell me the secret so this coffee can carry on with me to the afterlife. Also, $2.75 for one of the best cups of coffee? Sold.

2. Richie is the G.O.A.T.


This guy is an absolute king. He's taking 200000 orders at a time, posting boomerangs constantly on his socials, swiping cards, and still manages to talk to his customers. Richie, can I be you?

3. Richie remembers your order.

Emily Gigliotti

It takes a bit, don't get me wrong, but if you spend enough time at his stand, he'll eventually know your order just by looking at you. "Sausage bagel." I guess my name is Sausage Bagel, and I'm completely okay with that.

4. The breakfast all day option is a life saver.


Do you like eating breakfast for all three meals of the day? Well, Richie's offers their breakfast menu 24/7. Although they do have a huge menu with hoagies and wraps, breakfast all day is something us Temple students thrive off of.

5. We couldn't imagine Temple without Richie's.

Emily Gigliotti

Honestly, though. Try and imagine a life where there's no Richie's. This is not a world I want to live in. We might as well plaster Richie's head on the Temple flag, or make him our mascot. Good idea?

Richie, you can have all of my money. I will never stop being a customer. One day, my family and I will take a vacation to Temple just so I can show them who the true legend is.

Keep on doing you Richie's, you know Temple has your back.